The Damned (1961)

UK, 1961
86m, 87m, 94m 27s (UK – theatrical)
35mm, Hammerscope, black and white, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Joseph Losey.

Plot Summary

In Weymouth, American Simon Wells is attacked by a gang of local thugs led by the brutal King, who resents Wells flirting with his sister Joanie. When King and his gang later try to attack Wells again, he and Joanie fall from a cliff and are rescued by a group of who emerge from a nearby research facility run by scientist Bernard. The children are the radioactive subjects of experiments being run by Bernard, the offspring of women exposed to high levels of to produce children capable of surviving a nuclear war.


* = uncredited

Director: Joseph Losey
© MCMLXI [1961] Swallow Productions Ltd
Columbia Pictures Corporation presents a Hammer Film production (opening credits) A Hammerscope production (closing credits)
Executive Producer: Michael Carreras
Producer: Anthony Hinds
Associate Producer: Anthony Nelson Keys
Production Manager: Don Weeks
Screenplay: Evan Jones
Based on the novel ‘The Children of Light' by H.L. Lawrence
Assistant Director: John Peverall
Continuity: Pamela Davies
Director of Photography: Arthur Grant
Camera Operator: Anthony Heller
Master Electrician: Jack Curtis *
Editor: Reginald Mills
Music Composer: James Bernard
Musical Supervisor: John Hollingsworth
Sound Recordist: Jock May
Sound Editor: Malcolm Cooke
RCA Sound Recording
Wardrobe Supervisor: Molly Arbuthnot
Make-up Artist: Roy Ashton
Hair Stylist: Frieda Steiger
Production Designer: Bernard Robinson *
Art Director: Don Mingaye *
Sculpture: Frink [Real name: Elisabeth Frink]
Produced at Bray Studios, England
Locations: Weymouth, England, UK
Casting: Stuart Lyons

Macdonald Carey (Simon Wells)
Shirley Ann Field (Joan)
Viveca Lindfors (Freya Nielson)
Alexander Knox (Bernard)
Oliver Reed (King)
Walter Gotell (Major Holland)
Brian Oulton (Mr Dingle)
Kenneth Cope (Sid)
James Villiers (Captain Gregory)
Thomas Kempinski (Ted)
Barbara Everest (Miss Lamont)
Alan McClelland (Mr Stuart)
James Maxwell (Mr Talbot)
Rachel Clay (Victoria)
Caroline Sheldon (Elizabeth)
Rebecca Dignam (Anne)
Siobhan Taylor (Mary)
Nicholas Clay (Richard)
Kit Williams (Henry)
Christopher Witty (William)
David Palmer (George)
John Thompson (Charles)
Fiona Duncan *
Victor Gorf *
Tommy Trinder *
Neil Wilson [guard – uncredited]
León García, David Gregory, Edward Harvey, Larry Martyn, Geremy Phillips, Anthony Valentine [Teddy-boys – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

The Children of Light – working title
Les Damnés – French title
…de kallblodiga – Swedish title
Fabryka niesmiertelnych – Polish title
De Fordømte – Danish/Norwegian title
Hallucination – Italian title
Oi kataramenoi – Greek title
Kirotut – Finnish title
Sie sind verdammt – German title
These are the Damned – US title

Extracts included in
The World of Hammer: Sci-Fi (1994)

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