The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (1964)

80m 7s, 7,210 feet
35mm, “filmed in Techniscope”, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American/British horror film directed by Michael Carreras. This was the second of Hammer Film Productions' largely unrelated series of mummy films.

Plot Summary

A group of Egyptologists discover the tomb of the Egyptian prince Ra. American businessman Alexander King wants the artifacts and the sarcophagus they find there shipped back to England and put on display. But the mummy is revived and before long, those who desecrated the tomb are being slaughtered…


* = uncredited crew roles are taken from a listing published in Film & TV Technician vol.31 no.241 (March 1965)

Directed by: Michael Carreras
© MCMLXIV [1964] Swallow Productions Ltd
Columbia Pictures Corporation presents a Hammer Film production
Produced by: Michael Carreras
Associate Producer: Bill Hill
Production Supervisor: Bill Hill *
Screenplay by: Henry Younger 1A pseudonym for Michael Carreras
Assistant Director: Bert Batt
2nd Assistant Director: Hugh Harlow *
3rd Assistant Director: Mike Gowans *
Continuity: Eileen Head
Director of Photography: Otto Heller
Camera Operator: Bob Thompson
1st Camera Assistant (Focus): Maurice Arnold *
Other Camera Assistant (Clapper/Loader): Douglas Milsome *
Still Cameraman: George Higgins *
Supervising Editor: James Needs
Editor: Eric Boyd Perkins
1st Assistant Editor: Harry Ledger *
Other Assistant Editor: Brian Burgess *
Music Composed by: Carlo Martelli
Music Supervisor: Philip Martell
Sound Recording: Claude Hitchcock
Sound Camera Operator: Geoffrey Lee *
Boom Operator: David Jones *
Sound Editor: James Groom
Dubbing Crew: Len Abbott *, Dennis Whitlock *, Robin O'Donoghue *
Dubbing Editor: Roy Baker *
RCA Sound Recording
Wardrobe: Betty Adamson, John Briggs
Make-Up Artist: Roy Ashton
Hair Stylist: Iris Tilley
Effects Technician: George Blackwell *
Production Designer: Bernard Robinson
Chief Draughtsman: Tom Goswell *
Draughtsman: Anthony Curtis *
Props: Eric Hillier *
Technical Advisor: Andrew Low
Production Secretary: Rhonda Grogan *
Studio Publicist: Alan Arnold *
Produced at Associated British Studios, Elstree, England
Casting: David Booth

Terence Morgan (Adam Beauchamp/Be, younger son of Rameses VIII)
Ronald Howard (John Bray)
Fred Clark (Alexander King)
Jeanne Roland (Annette Dubois)
George Pastell (Hashmi Bey)
Jack Gwillim (Sir Giles Dalrymple)
John Paul (Inspector Mackenzie)
Dickie Owen (the mummy)
Jill Mai Meredith (Jenny)
Michael Ripper (Achmed)
Harold Goodwin (Fred)
Jimmy Gardner (Fred's mate)
Vernon Smythe (Jessop)
Marianne Stone (Hashmi Bey's landlady)
Olga Dickie [housekeeper] *
Michael McStay [Ra-Antef] *
Bernard Rebel [Professor Eugene Dubois] *
Roy Stewart [bearer in museum] *
Pat Gorman [London reporter] *

Alternative Titles

A Maldição da Múmia – Portugese title
La maldición de la momia – Spanish title
Il mistero della mummia – Italian title
Mumiens forbannelse – Norwegian video title
Muumion haudan kirous – Finnish title
Die Rache des Pharao – German title

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Extracts included in
The World of Hammer: , Werewolves & the Living Dead (1994)


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