The Curse (1987)

USA, 1987
35mm film, colour
Dolby, English

An American horror film directed by David Keith.

Plot Summary

The religiously devout Nathan Hayes is having a hard time – a property developer wants to buy up his Tennessee farm and convert the land into a dam and recreational area. Things get worse when a glowing meteorite crashes into his property and begins mutating animals and family members alike.


Directed by: David Keith
TransWorld Entertainment
Executive Producer: Moshe Diamant
Produced by: Ovidio G. Assonitis
Associate Producer: Louyis Fulci [a pseudonym for Lucio Fulci]
Written by: David Chaskin
Story: The Colour Out of Space by H.P. Lovecraft
Director of Photography: Roberto Forges Davanzati
Editor: Claudio M. Cutry
Music by: Franco Micalizzi
Sound: John Lawrence
Make-up: Frank Russell
Special Effects: Ron Petruccione
Visual Effects: Kevin Ehrman
Production Designer: Frank Vanorio

Wil Wheaton (Zachary Hayes)
Claude Akins (Nathan Hayes)
Malcolm Danare (Cyrus)
Cooper Huckabee (Dr Alan Forbes)
John Schneider (Carl Willis)
Amy Wheaton (Alice Hayes)
Steve Carlisle (Charley Davidson)
Kathleen Jordon Gregory (Frances Hayes)
Hope North (Esther Forbes)
Steve Davis (Mike)

Alternative Titles

The Farm
La fattoria maledetta – Italy
Förbannelsen – Sweden
Klatwa – Poland
La Malédiction céleste – France
El maleficio – Mexico
The Well – shooting title

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Variety 20 May 1987 p.102
Actor David Keith makes an auspicious film directing debut with The Farm, a well-made and well-acted horror opus […] Keith, who appears only in a cameo, leavens the horror narrative with interesting and often funny details and fine manipulation of various subplots, particularly the sexual frustration of Akins’ homely wife Kathleen Jordan Gregory, plus the in-joke shock of Huckabee’s prim wife turning out to be a sexpot played by Hope North. He directs the cast very well, all conforming to good ole boy roles, of which Steve Carlisle’s slick and unscrupulous real estate speculator is a highlight. Special effects are acceptable, though some of the modelwork looks really teeny. Much of the crew (including associate producer and noted horror helmer himself Lucio Fulci) are credited with anglicized names instead of their Italian monikers, but they have nothing to be ashamed about. – from a review by Lor.



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