The Curious Female (1970)

USA, 1970
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Paul Rapp.

Plot Summary

In the year 2177 Mankind is ruled by computer who allows people to view sex tapes.


Directed by: Paul Rapp
Fanfare Films
Executive Producer: Joe Solomon
Produced by: Paul Rapp
Written by: Winston R. Paul
Director of Photography: Don Birnkrant [real name: Donald H. Birnkrant]
Editor: Reg Browne
Music: Stu Phillips
Costume Designer: Marjorie Plecher
Make-up: Harry Thomas

Angelique Pettyjohn (Susan Rome)
Charlene Jones (Pearl Lushcomb)
Bunny Allister (Joan/Liana)
David Westberg (Paul Emerson/Jorel)
Julie Conners (Andre)
Michael Greer (Bixby)
Sebastian Brook (Burton)
Ron Gans (Jerome Bruce)
David Pritchard (Guy Ryan)
Slim Gaillard (Lushcomb)
Elaine Edwards (Mrs Wilde)
Carol-Jean Thompson (Gloria)
Joshua Bryant (Tower)
David Buchanan (young man)
Michael D. Castle (Everett)
Ron Graham (doorman)
Betty Gunn (girl)
Mildred Harrison (Mrs Lushcomb)
Junero Jennings (Roy)
Randee Lynne Jensen (Joy)

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