The Creature Wasn’t Nice (1983)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American comedy science fiction film directed by Bruce Kimmel.

Plot Summary

The crew of the spaceship Vertigo explore a previously unknown planet and retrieve a mass of protoplasm that transforms into a ravenous singing and dancing monster once returned to the ship.


Directed by: Bruce Kimmel
© 1983 Almi Spaceship Company
Grateful Dead Productions, Almi Films
Executive Producers: Albert Schwartz, Michael S. Landes
Produced by: Mark Haggard
Associate Producers: Alain Silver, Patrick Regan
Written by: Bruce Kimmel
Director of Photography: Denny Lavil
Editor: David Blangsted
Original Musical Score: David Spear
Production Sound: James Mountain
Costume Design: Le Studio
Make-up: Hud Bannon
Hairdresser: Michele Payne
Set Special Effects: Peter Knowlton
Special Visual Effects by: The Magic Lantern
Creature Visualization: Cary Howe
Prosthetics: Fran Evans
Production Designer: Lee Cole
Filmed at Lair International Studios and on location at Cypress College, North Orange County Community College District

Cindy Williams (Anne McHugh)
Bruce Kimmel (John)
Leslie Nielsen (Commander Jameson)
Gerrit Graham (Rodzinski)
Patrick Macnee (Dr Stark)
Paul Brinegar
Cheri Eichen
Carol Ann Williams
Margaret Willock
Alan Abelew
Robert Dryer
Peter Du Pre
Jed Mills
Ron Burke
Ron Kurowski (the creature)

Alternative Titles

Espaçonave Maluca – Brazil
Goli svemir – Serbia
Hay alien allí? – Argentina
Naked Space – Trottel im Weltall – Germany (television)
Naked space – Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Naked Space – alternative title
Paljas avaruus – Finland
Spaceship – Australia (video)
Trottel im Weltall – Germany
Голый космос – Soviet Union
レスリー・ニールセンの裸の宇宙銃を持つ男 – Japan


Includes extracts from
Supekutoruman (1971–1972)
This Island Earth (1955)

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