The Crawling Hand (1963)

35mm film, black and white, 1.85:1
mono (Westrex Recording System), English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Herbert L. Strock.

Plot Summary

A space mission goes horribly wrong when the capsule detonates in orbit, killing its astronaut who has gone insane after being possessed by an alien force. The wreckage crashes to earth outside a small town where a teenager finds the astronaut's severed arm which comes to life and goes on a murderous rampage.


Directed by: Herbert L. Strock
Copyright Joseph F. Robertson production MCMLXIII [1963]
A Joseph F. Robertson production
Produced by: Joseph F. Robertson
Associate Producer: Donald J. Hansen, Edward Finch Abrams
Screenplay by: Wm. Idelson [William Idelson], Herbert L. Strock
From an Original Story by: Joseph Cranston, Malcolm Young, Wm. Idelson
Director of Photography: Willard Van Der Veer
Film Editor: Herbert L. Strock
Sound: J. Earl Snyder
Make Up: Don Cash
Cinematic Effects: BLH Productions

Peter Breck [Steve Curan]
Kent Taylor [Doc Weitzberg]
Rod Lauren [Paul Lawrence]
Alan Hale [sheriff]
Allison Hayes [secretary]
Sirry Steffen [Marta Farnstrom]
Arline Judge [Mrs Hotchkiss]
Richard Arlen [Lee Barrenger]
Tristam Coffin [Tristram Coffin] [Security Chief Meidel]
Ross Elliott [Deputy Earl Harrison]
G. Stanley Jones [Stan Jones] [funeral director]
Jock Putnam [ambulance attendant]
Andy Andrews [ambulance attendant]
Syd Saylor [soda shop owner]
Ed Wermer [Professor Farnstrom]
Beverley Lunsford [Patsy Townsend]
Les Hoyle [man]

Alternative Titles

The Creeping Hand – working title
Don't Cry Wolf – working title
La mano que se arrastra – Mexican title
La mano strisciante – Italian title
Tomorrow You Die – working title
Крадущаяся рука – Russian title

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