The Comic (1985)


A British science fiction film directed by Richard Driscoll.

Plot Summary

In a harsh, totalitarian future world where the bedraggled poor queue for scraps in soup kitchens and where minor misdemeanours are punished with brutal beatings by the local constabulary, The wealthy ‘enjoy' the talents of comedian Joey Myers in an exclusive night-club. The club's resident magician visits a fortune-teller to help him remember his tortured childhood; a monochrome genie with bushy ginger eyebrows appears swearing to kill someone and soon enough Myers' resentful young rival Sam Coex is murdering the comic. He stands in for him at the night-club and proves to be a huge success but is soon seduced by a sinister prostitute who is quite clearly not all she seems to be.


Directed by: Richard Driscoll
© copyright to this Weird Production belongs to Christobel Films 1985
Produced by: Richard Driscoll
Written by: Richard Driscoll
Photographed by: Alan Trow
Editor: Richard Driscoll
Additional Music by: Mesh and Heavy Quartet, Richard Dunn
Floor Mixer: Paul Davies
Make-up: Fiona Summerell
Costume Designer: Carol Williams
Special Effects Contributor: Chris Tucker

Steve Munroe (Sam Coex)
Bernard Plant (Stan Clarke)
Jeff Pirie (in opening credits) Jeff Perrier (in end credits) (Joey Myers)
Bob Flag (Jim Malone)
Vass Anderson (George Elington)
Simon Davies (compere)
Gary Twomey (Inspector Trow)
Kim (Kym on video sleeve) Stone (credited in opening credits but not in end credits)
Berdia Timimi (Anne Coex)
Joy Lale (Vision)
Eddie Blackstone (Mr Bland)
Gabe Cameron (Eddie)
Philip Hope (police soldier 1)
Eddie Dudzik (police soldier 2)
Anna Simmons (prostitute at bar)
Graham Anderson (dead man)
Daryl Nock (club artist)
John Deerey (police victim)
Nicki Wheelen (dancer)
Sarah (Helen Coex)

Alternative Titles

Komik – Polish title



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