The Collector (1965)

UK, USA, 1965
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

A British/American borderline horror film directed by William Wyler.

Plot Summary

Freddie is a socially inadequate and painfully shy bank clerk who spends his spare time collecting butterflies. When he wins the football pools and comes into a small fortune, he spends most of it on a remote country house and starts making plans to expand his collection – only this time, he wants human specimens and sets his sights on art student Miranda Grey…


* = uncredited

Directed by: William Wyler
© MCMLXV [1965] by The Collector Company. A William Wyler production
Produced by: Jud Kinberg and John Kohn
Screenplay by: Stanley Mann and John Kohn
Based on the Novel by: John Fowles
Directors of Photography: Robert L. Surtees (in Hollywood), Robert Krasker (in England)
Film Editor: Robert Swink
Film Editor (British Crew): David Hawkins
Music: Maurice Jarre
Sound (American Staff): Jack Solomon
Sound Recordist (British Crew): Cyril Collick
Men’s Wardrobe (American Staff): Jack Martell
Women’s Wardrobe (American Staff): Vi Alford
Make-up Supervision (American Staff): Ben Lane
Make-up Artist (British Crew): Harold Fletcher
Hair Styles by (American Staff): Virginia Jones, Ruby Felker
Hair Stylist (British Crew): Pearl Tipaldi
Art Director: John Stoll
Locations: Kent, England, UK, London, England, UK

Terence Stamp (Freddie Clegg)
Samantha Eggar (Miranda Grey)
Mona Washbourne (Aunt Annie)
Maurice Dallimore (the neighbour)
Allyson Ames [1st victim] *
Gordon Barclay, David Haviland [clerks] *
William Bickley [Crutchley] *

Alternative Titles

El coleccionista – Argentina, Spain
Il collezionista – Italy
Der Fänger – Germany
Kolekcjoner – Poland
Neitoperho – Finland
L’obsédé – France
Offer for en samler – Denmark



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