The Cloning of Joanna May (1992)

UK, 25 January 1992-2 February 1992
1 series, 2 episodes
colour, 4:3
stereo, English

A British science fiction television mini-series adapted from the novel by Fay Weldon.

Plot Summary

Joanna is having problems with her ex-husband, a wealthy nuclear energy magnate, who is making her life hell following their divorce after her affair. A decade after they split she decides to confront him and is horrified to find that he’s made three clones of her.


Regular Crew
Directed by: Philip Saville
Executive Producer: Sally Head
Production Executive: Keith Thompson
Produced by: Gub Neal
Adapted by: Ted Whitehead
Based on a Book by: Fay Weldon
Script Associate: Gwenda Bagshaw
Music by: Rachel Portman
Designed by: Stephen Fineren

Regular Cast
Patricia Hodge (Joanna May)
Brian Cox (Carl May)
Billie Whitelaw (Mavis)
Sarah Badel (Angela)
Oliver Ford-Davies (Gerald)
Jean Boht (Mrs Love)
Siri Neal (Bethany)
Peter Guinness (Philip)
James Purefoy (Oliver)
Peter Capaldi (Isaac)
Ian McNeice (Doctor Holly)
Emma Hardy (Jane)
Helen Adie (Alice)
Laura Eddy (Gina)

Alternative Titles

Joanna Mayn kaksi elämää – Finnish title
Künstliche Schwestern – German title


26 January 1992
2 February 1992