The City Under the Sea (1965)

84m, 7613 feet/2320 metres
35mm, Colorscope, Eastmancolor [UK version], in Pathecolor [US version], 2.35:1
mono, English

A British/American science fiction film directed by Jacques Tourneur. The American and British release prints have different title sequences and the credits themselves are also slightly different.

Plot Summary

In 1903, a group of people on the Cornish coast discover a society of immortal living in a lost sunken city. They regularly send raiding parties of mutant gill-men to the coast in search of supplies.


Directed by: Jacques Tourneur
© MCMLXV [1965] by Bruton Film Productions Ltd. [UK version]
© MCMLXV [1965] by American International Productions [US version]
An Anglo Amalgamated presentation [UK version]. James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff present [US prints only]. An Anglo Amalgamated picture [UK version]. An American International picture [US version]. Nat Cohen and Stuart Levy have presented [UK prints only]. James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff have presented [US prints only]
Executive Producer: George Willoughby [US version]
Produced by: George Willoughby [UK version]
Produced by: Daniel Haller [US version]
Production Manager: Pat Green
Screenplay by: Charles Bennett and Louis M. Heyward
Additional Dialogue: David Whittaker
Based on Edgar Allan Poe's [poem] ‘City In the Sea'
Assistant Director: David Tringham
Continuity: Tilly Day
Photographed by: Stephen Dade
Underwater Photography by: John Lamb and Neil Ginger Gemmell
Camera Operator: Ronnie Maasz
Film Editor: Gordon Hales
Music by: Stanley Black
Sound: Ken Rawkins, C. Le Mesurier
Dubbing Editor: Allan Morrison
Western Electric Recording
Wardrobe Supervisor: Ernie Farrer
Make Up: Geoff Rodway, Bill Partleton
Hairdresser: Elsie Adler
Special Effects: Frank George, Les Bowie
Art Direction by: Frank White
Set Dresser: Colin Southcott
Construction Manager: Leon Davis
Scenic Artist: Peter Wood
Made at Pinewood Studios, Iver, England
Locations: Cornwall coast, Cornwall, England, UK; London, England, UK *
Casting Director: Harvey Woods

[UK version]
Vincent Price (the captain)
Tab Hunter (Ben Harris)
David Tomlinson (Harold Tiffin-Jones)
Susan Hart (Jill Tregillis)
John Le Mesurier (Ives)
Henry Oscar (Mumford)
Derek Newark (Dan)
Roy Patrick (Simon)

[US version]
Vincent Price (the captain)
David Tomlinson (Harold Tiffin-Jones)
Tab Hunter (Ben Harris)
Susan Hart (Jill Tregillis)
John Le Mesurier (Ives)
Henry Oscar (Mumford)
Derek Newark (Dan)
Roy Patrick (Simon)
and not to forget Herbert

uncredited cast
Anthony Selby [George]
Michael Heyland [Bill]
Steven Brooke [Ted]
William Hurndell [Tom]
Jim Spearman [Jack]
Dennis Blake [Harry]
Arthur Hewlett [1st fisherman]
Hilda Campbell-Russell [2nd woman guest]
Bart Allison [1st male guest]
George Ricarde [2nd male guest]

Alternative Titles

20.000 leghe sotto la Terra – Italy
A Cidade Submarina – Portugal
City in the Sea – USA
La ciudad bajo el mar – Venezuela
Merenalainen kaupunki – Finland
Piratbyen under havet – Denmark
Stadt im Meer – West Germany
Die Stadt unter dem Meer – West Germany
War-Gods of the Deep – USA

Includes extracts from
Kaitei gunkan (1963)

Extracts included in
Space Probe Taurus (1965)



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