The Child (1977)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Robert Voskanian.

Plot Summary

Alicianne is hired to look after creepy 11-year-old Rosalie in her family's remote and gloomy house. It soon becomes clear that Rosalie has psychic powers and can make things move just by thinking about it – and she can also use those same powers to raise the dead, reanimating corpses in a nearby cemetery to take revenge after her mentally ill mother dies…


Director: Robert Voskanian [real name: Robert Dadashian]
© MCMLXXVII [1977] copyright by Panorama Films
Boxoffice International Pictures, Inc.. A Harry Novak presentation. A film by Robert Voskanian [real name: Robert Dadashian]. A Panorama Films presentation
Executive Producer: Harry H. Novak
Producer: Robert Dadashian
Writer: Ralph Lucas
Director of Photography: Mori Alavi
Film Editors: Robert Voskanian [real name: Robert Dadashian]
Music: Rob Wallace
Sound Man: John McDonald
Wardrobe: Jane
Creatures and Special Make-up Effects: Jay Owens
Art Director: Mori Alavi

Laurel Barnett (Alicianne [Del Mar])
Rosalie Cole (Rosalie [Nordon])
Frank Janson (Nordon)
Richard Hanners (Len [Nordon])
Ruth Ballan (Mrs Whitfield)
Slosson Bing Jong (gardener)
Rod Medigovich (priest)
Wendell Hudiburg (pall bearer)
Chris Tieken (Jefferson)
Ralph Lucas, Rod Medigovich (creatures)
Jim Dickson, Chick Cavanaugh, Anoosh Avan (additional creatures)

Alternative Titles

La casa degli zombi – Italy
Kill and Go Hide
La niña – Spain
Tochter des Bösen – Germany
Zombie Child



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