The Challenge of the SuperFriends (1978)

1 series, 16 episodes, average 25m
colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American animated science fiction television series based on characters from .

Plot Summary

Superman leads a team of costumed superheros in a war against thirteen of the worlds' most notorious supervillians who have banded together as The Legion of Doom.


Regular Crew
Directors: Ray Patterson, Carl Urbano
DC Comics, Hanna-Barbera Productions
Executive Producers: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Producer: Don Jurwich
Scripts: Jeffrey Scott
Characters: Bob Kane, Carmine Infantino (both uncredited)
Story Directors: Alex Toth, Bob Taylor, Dick Sebast, Don Sheppard, Hal Mason, Jan Green, John Bruno, Mario Piluso, Michael O'Connor, Paul Sommer, Ron Maidenberg, T.M. Yakutis, Warren Tufts
Story Editor: Jeffrey Scott
Animators: Ron Myrick, Al Gaivoto, Bill Hutten, Bill Pratt, Bob Bemiller, Bob Carr, Bob Hathcock, Clifford Augustson, Constantin Mustatea, Daniel de la Vega, Doug Crane, Ed Barge, Ed Love, Eduardo Olivares, Edwin Aardal, Ernesto López, Fernando Gonzalez, Frank Andrina, Frank Nakielski, Fred Hellmich, Harry Holt, Hicks Lokey, Hugh Fraser, Jeff Hall, Jesse Cosio, Jim Keeshen, Joan Drake, Ken Southworth, Kenneth Muse, Lars Calonius, Lawrence Miller, Leo Sullivan, Margaret I. Nichols, Margaret Parkes, Mario Julio, Mark Glamack, Mark Simon, Miguel García, Mitch Rochon, Morey Reden, Norman Drew, Rick Leon, Robert Alvarez, Roger Chiasson, Terence Harrison, Tom Barnes, Tom Ray, Tony Love, Vive Risto, Zeon Davush
Character Designers: Alex Toth, Andre Le Blanc
Directors of Photography: George Epperson, Tom Epperson, Charles Flekal, Ron Jackson, Jerry Smith, Larry Smith, Terry Smith, Brandy Whittington, Jerry Whittington
Supervising Editor: Larry C. Cowan
Music: Hoyt S. Curtin, Paul DeKorte, Fred Werner
Sound Directors: Bill Getty, Richard Olson

Regular Voices
Jack Angel (The Flash/Barry Allen/Hawkman/Carter Hall/Samurai)
Marlene Aragon (The Cheetah)
Michael Bell (Riddler)
Bill Callaway (Aquaman/Bizarro)
Ted Cassidy (Brainiac/Black Manta)
Danny Dark (Superman/Clark Kent)
Shannon Farnon (Wonder Woman/Diana Prince/additional voices)
Ruth Forman (Giganta)
Buster Jones (Black Vulcan/additional voices)
Stanley Jones (Lex Luthor)
Casey Kasem (Robin/Dick Grayson/computer)
Don Messick (Scarecrow)
Vic Perrin (Sinestro/additional voices)
Stanley Ross (Grodd the gorilla)
Dick Ryal (Captain Cold)
Michael Rye (Apache chief/Green Lantern/Hal Jordan/additional voices)
Olan Soule (Batman/Bruce Wayne/additional voices)
Jimmy Weldon (Solomon Grundy)
Frank Welker (Toyman/additional voices)

Alternative Titles

Oikeuden puolustajat – Finland


Season One

Wanted: The Superfriends
Invasion of the Fearians
The World's Deadliest Game
The Time Trap
Trial of the Superfriends
The Monolith of Evil
The Giants of Doom
Secret Origins of the Superfriends
Revenge on Gorilla City
Swamp of the Living Dead
Conquerors of the Future
The Final Challenge
Fairy Tales of Doom
Superfriends: Rest in Peace
History of Doom

Sequel to
SuperFriends (1973)
The All-New SuperFriends Hour (1977)

The World's Greatest SuperFriends (1979)
SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984)
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (1986)

Extracts included in
Saturday, Sleeping Bags and Super Friends (2004)



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