The Cat Creeps (1930)

35mm film, black and white, 1.20:1
mono, English

An American film directed by Rupert Julian. The film is believed to be lost though four sound discs are held by the UCLA Film and Television Archives. The 1946 film of the same title is entirely unrelated to this film.

Plot Summary

Relatives gather at a creepy old house for the reading of a will and Annabel West stands to inherit a fortune unless she goes insane. As the night wears on, someone it seems is trying to make that happen…


Director: Rupert Julian
Universal Pictures
Presented by: Carl Laemmle
Script: Gladys Lehman
Dialogue: Gladys Lehman, William Hurlbut
Original Play: John Willard
Photography: Hal Mohr, Jerome Ash
Editor: Maurice Pivar
Sound Recording: Edward Wetzel, C. Roy Hunter

Helen Twelvetrees (Annabel West)
Raymond Hackett (Paul)
Lilyan Tashman (Cicily)
Neil Hamilton (Charlie Wilder)
Montagu Love (Hendricks)
Jean Hersholt (Dr Patterson)
Lawrence Grant (Crosby)
Theodore Von Eltz (Harry Blythe)
Blanche Frederici (“Mammy” Pleasant)
Elizabeth Patterson (Aunt Susan)

Alternative Titles

Meia Noite em Ponto – Brazilian title

Remake of
The Cat and the Canary (1927)

See also
La voluntad del muerto (1930)



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