The Cat and the Canary (1927)

80m (2004 DVD restoration), 108m (16 fps), 2350 metres, 8 reel
35mm film, black and white, sepia tint, 1.33:1

An American horror film directed by Paul Leni.

Plot Summary

20 years after his death, Cyrus West's will is read and Annabelle West stands to inherit everything if she is deemed sane. Soon the assembled family members, and hangers-on are being killed off one-by-one.


Directed by: Paul Leni
Copyright MCMXXVII [1927] by Universal Pictures Corporation
Carl Laemmle presents a Universal production
Scenario by: Alfred A. Cohn
Adaptation by: Robert F. Hill & Alfred A. Cohn
From the Stage Play by: John Willard
Story Supervision by: Edward J. Montagne
Photography by: Gilbert Warrenton
Supervising Film Editor: Lloyd Nosler
Film Editor: Martin G. Cohn
Titles by: Walter Anthony
Art Director: Charles D. Hall

Laura La Plante (Annabelle West)
Creighton Hale (Paul Jones)
Forrest Stanley (Charles Wilder)
Tully Marshall (Roger Crosby)
Gertrude Astor (Cecily)
Flora Finch (Susan)
Arthur Edmund Carew (Harry)
Martha Mattox (Mammy Pleasant)
George Siegmann (the guard)
Lucien Littlefield (Ira Lazar)

Alternative Titles

Il castello degli spettri – Italy
En fasansfull natt – Sweden
O Gato e o Canário – Brazil
El gato y el canario – Mexico
Gespenster im Schloß – Austria
De kat en de kanarie – Netherlands
Katten og Kanariefuglen – Denmark
Keskiyöllä – Finland
Kissa ja kanarialintu – Finland
Kot i kanarek – Poland
El legado tenebroso – Spain
O Legado Tenebroso – Portugal
A Macska és a kanári – Hungary
Spuk im Schloss – Germany
La Volonté du mort – France
Zwischen elf und elf – Austria

Extracts included in
Histoire(s) du cinéma: Seul le cinéma (1997)
Kingdom of Shadows (1998)
Universal Horror (1998)
The Universal Story (1995)

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