The Case of Mr. Pelham (1955)

UK, 17 November
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television programme directed by John Jacobs.

Plot Summary

A man involved in a car crash finds himself stalked by his doppelganger.


Directed by: John Jacobs
Produced by: Ian Atkins
Adapted by Duncan Ross
Based on a Story by: Anthony Armstrong
From an Idea by: Ian C. Messiter
Designed by: Richard Wilmot

Richard Wattis (Mr Pelham)
Miriam Karlin (Miss Davis)
Olivia Irving (Violet)
Richard Pearson (Barman)
Christopher Steele (Mr Cassells)
Bill Nagy (Mr Gans)
Richard Caldicot (Mr Jones)
Charles Lloyd Pack (Paterson)
John Boddington (Mr Foulis)
H. G. Stoker (Doctor Senior)
Michael Ward (Doctor Keller)
Clement Hamelin (commissionaire)

Alternative Titles

Strange Story


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