The Carter Case (1919)

310m (15 episode serial)
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

An American fantasy serial directed by William F. Haddock and Donald MacKenzie.


Directed by: William F. Haddock, Donald MacKenzie
Oliver Films Inc.
Produced by: Harry Grossman
Scenario: John W. Grey
Story: Arthur B. Reeve

Herbert Rawlinson (Craig Kennedy)
Marguerite Marsh (Anita Carver)
Ethel Grey Terry (Cleo Clark)
William Pike (Walter Jameson)
Kempton Greene (Rance Dixon)
Coit Albertson (Lester Mason)
Joe Smith Marba 1A pseudonym for Joseph Marba. (Hugh Geist/Avion)
Don Hall 2A pseudonym for Donald Hall. (Shelby Carter)
Gene Baker (Alma)
D.W. McReynolds 3A pseudonym for Dexter McReynolds. (Storpz)
Leslie Stowe (Darkie Joe)
Franklyn Hanna (Colonel Culpepper)
Frank Wunderlee (Bull Rudkin)
John Reinhardt (Count von der Witz)
Adrienne Richards (Julie)
John V. DeLacy
George Dupree
Leroy Baker
Al Franklin Thomas
Louis W. Wolheim 4A pseudonym for Louis Wolheim. (Emanon)

Alternative Titles

The Craig Kennedy Serial – alternative title


1. The Phosgene Bullet
2. The Vacuum Room
3. The Air Terror
4. The Dungeon
5. title not known
6. The Wireless Detective
7. The Neragraph
8. The Silent Shot
9. The Camera Trap
10. The Moonshiners
11. The White Damp
12. The X-Ray Detective
13. The Ruse
14. title not known
15. title not known


by Walt Lee p.57- credits