The Car (1977)

35mm film, Panavision, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Elliot Silverstein.

Plot Summary

A small desert town in America is menaced by a mysterious car that may be driven by himself…


Directed by: Elliot Silverstein
© MCMLXXVII [1977] by Universal Pictures
Production Company: Universal [logo]
Produced by: Marvin Birdt and Elliot Silverstein
Screenplay by: Dennis Shyrack & Michael Butler and Lane Slate
Story by: Dennis Shyrack & Michael Butler
Director of Photography: Gerald Hirschfeld
Film Editor: Michael McCroskey
Music: Leonard Rosenman
Sound: Jim Alexander, Kevin F. Cleary
Make-Up: Rick Sharp
Hair Stylist: Brenda Boyd
Special Visual Effects: Albert Whitlock
Art Director: Loyd S. Papez
Car Customizing by: George Barris
Stunt Coordinator: Everett Creach

James Brolin (Wade Parent)
Kathleen Lloyd (Lauren)
James Marley (Everett)
R.G. Armstrong (Amos)
John Rubinstein (John Morris)
Elizabeth Thompson (Margie)
Roy Jenson (Ray Mott)
Kim Richards (Lynn Marie)
Kyle Richards (Debbie)
Kate Murtagh (Miss McDonald)
Robert Phillips (Metcalf)
Doris Dowling (Bertha)
Henry O'Brien (Chas)
Eddie Little Sky (Denson)
Lee McLaughlin (Marvin Fats)
Margaret Willey (Navajo woman)
Read Morgan (Mac Gruder)
Ernie Orsatti (Dalton)
Joshua Davis (Jimmy)
Geraldine Keams (Donna)
Hank Hamilton (Al Ashberry)
John Moio (Parker)
Melody Thomas (Suzie Pullbrook)
Bob Woodlock (Pete Keil)
James Rawley (Thompson)
Louis Welch (Berry)
Bryan O'Byrne (Wally)
Don Keefer (Dr Pullbrook)
Steve Gravers (Mr Mackey)
Tony Brande (Joe)
Ronny Cox as Luke

Alternative Titles

Asesino invisible – Spain
DeathMobile – Canada (video)
Djävulsbilen – Sweden
Enfer mécanique – France
Kalmankaara – Finland
La macchina near – Italy
Der Teufel auf Rädern – West Germany

Extracts included in
Terror in the Aisles (1984)



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