The Camel Boy (1984)

Australia, 1984
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An Australian animated fantasy film with some live-action footage directed by Yoram Gross.

Plot Summary

Young Arab boy Ali sets out across the Great Victoria Desert in Australia with his camel-driver grandfather. They are plagued by appalling weather and wild dogs and are forced to abandon their journey. Twenty years later, after his grandfather has died, Ali becomes a police officer and encounters a young camel boy very like the child he used to be.


Directed by: Yoram Gross
© Yoram Gross Filmstudio Pty Limited MCMLXXXIV [1984]
Yoram Gross presents. Produced by Yoram Gross Filmstudio ain association with Thebe International Pty Ltd
Produced by: Yoram Gross
Screenplay by: Yoram Gross & John Palmer
From an Original Story by: Yoram Gross
Storyboard and Character Designer: Ray Nowland
Director of Animation: Ray Nowland
Animation: Nicholas Harding, Ariel Ferrari, Robert Malherbe, Murray Griffin, Andrew Szemenyei, Eva Szabo, Szabolcs Szabo, Gairden Cooke, Lianne Hughes, Charles McRae, Don McKinnon, Ray Nowland
Chief Cameraman and Camera Supervisor: Graham Sharpe
Animation Camera: Jenny Ochse
Live Action Background: Klaus Yaritz
Live Action Camera: Frank Hammond
Film Editor and Post-production Supervisor: Christopher Plowright
Music Composed and Arranged by: Bob Young
[Sound] Mixed by: Peter Fenton
Location Sound: Ken Hammond
Make-up Artist: Jo Knowland

Barbara Frawley
Ron Haddrick [O’Connell]
John Meillon
Robyn Moore
Michael Pate



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