The Brute Man (1946)

USA, 1945
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Jean Yarbrough. The film was originally produced by Universal as a sort-of prequel to House of Horrors (1946) (the Creeper played by Rondo Hatton here is not the same as the Hoxton Creeper he played in the Sherlock Holmes film The Pearl of Death (1944)) but a merger with International Pictures was imminent and the studio decided to cut back releasing B movies and passed it off to Producers Releasing Corporation. They in turn make no mention on screen of Universal. It was originally released on 1 October 1946 [USA]

Plot Summary

Deformed killer Hal Moffat, known to the police and the press as The Creeper, takes his revenge on those he holds responsible for his appearance.


Directed by: Jean Yarbrough
Copyright MCMXLVI [1946] by Pathe Industries, Inc.
Producers Releasing Corporation presents. A Producers Releasing Corporation picture. Universal *
Produced by: Ben Pivar
Screenplay by: George Bricker and M. Coates Webster
Original Story by: Dwight V. Babcock
Dialogue Director: Raymond Kessler
Director of Photography: Maury Gertsman
Film Editor: Philip Cahn
Director of Sound: Bernard B. Brown
[Sound] Technician: Joe Lapis
Western Electric Recording
Gowns: Vera West
Director of Make-up: Jack P. Pierce
Hair Stylist: Carmen Dirigo
Art Direction: John B. Goodman, Abraham Grossman
Set Decorations: Russell A. Gausman, Edward R. Robinson
MPAA: 11369

Tom Neal
Jan Wiley
Jane Adams
Donald MacBride
Peter Whitney
Fred Coby
JaNelle Johnson
Rondo Hatton as The Creeper

Alternative Titles

The Brute

Sequel to
House of Horrors (1946)

Extracts included in
Trail of the Creeper: Making The Brute Man (2011)



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