The Brotherhood of Satan (1970)

35mm film, Technicolor, 2.35:1, Techniscope
mono, English
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An American horror film directed by Bernard McEveety.

Plot Summary

A family finds themselves trapped in a small desert town where Devil-worshipping pensioners are using the town's in their rituals.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Bernard McEveety
© 1970 by First LQJ Corporation and Four Star Excelsior Releasing Co
An LQ JAF production
Producer: L.Q. Jones *, Alvy Moore *
Associate Producer: Sheila Clague
Written by: William Welch
From an Original Story by: Sean MacGregor
Photographed by: John Arthur Morrill
Film Editor: Marvin Walowitz
Music by: Jaime Mendoza-Nava
Production Mixer: Rod Sutton
Make Up: Lou Lane
Special Effects: Steve Karkus
Production Design: Ray Boyle

Strother Martin (Doc Duncan)
L.Q. Jones (sheriff)
Charles Bateman (Ben)
Anna Capri (Nicky)
Charles Robinson (priest)
Alvy Moore (Tobey)
Helene Winston (Dame Alice)
Joyce Easton (Mildred Meadows)
Debi Storm (Billie Joe)
Jeff Williams (Stuart)
Judy McConnell (Phyllis)
Robert Ward (Mike)
Geri Reischl (KT)
Kevin McEveety, Alyson Moore, Cindy Holden, Debbie Judith, Sheila McEveety, Scott Agular, Grant McGregor, Jonathan Eisley, Brian McEveety, Robyn Grei, Linda Tiffany (the children)
John Barclay, Anthony Jochim, Patrick Sullivan Burke, Donald Journeaux, Ysabel MacCloskey, Elsie Moore, Cicily Walper, Lenore Shaenwise, Phyllis Coghlan, Margaret Wheeler, Gertrude Graner (the witches)

Alternative Titles

Bractwo szatana – Polish title
Come in Children – working title
Djävulens brödraskap – Swedish title
The Guru Vampire – working title
La hermandad de Satán – Spanish title
La hermandad de Satanás – Mexican title
På helvetes terskel – Norwegian title
Saatanan veljeskunta – Finnish video title
Stadt des Grauens – German title
Братство сатаны – Russian title

Extracts included in
The Children of Satan (2021)
Satanic Panic: How the 1970s Conjured The Brotherhood of Satan (2021)


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