The Brood (1979)

Canada, 1978
91m (USA), 93m (UK)colour
mono, English

A Canadian horror film directed by David Cronenberg. Production took place between 14 and 21 December 1978 and it was released on 25 May in 400 cinemas in the USA.

Plot Summary

Frank and Nola Carveth are undergoing a traumatic divorce. She's in the care of the controversial psychiatrist Dr Hal Raglan who is exploring a new technique encouraging his patients to ‘externalise' their rage. When their daughter, Candice, returns from a visit to her mother covered in bruises, Frank is understandably concerned. When Nola's mother and father are murdered by a pack of sinister children, Frank begins to suspect that there's more going on at Carveth's clinic than meets the eye…


Directed by: David Cronenberg
© Montreal Trust Company of Canada 1979
This film has been produced in Canada with the assistance of Canadian Film Development Corporation. Pierre David and Victor Solnicki present
Executive Producers: Victor Solnicki and Pierre David for Mutual Productions and Elgin International
Produced by: Claude Heroux
Written by: David Cronenberg
Director of Photography: Mark Irwin
Editor: Alan Collins
Music: Howard Shore
Sound Recordist: Bryan Day
Wardrobe Mistress: Delphine White
Makeup: Shonagh Jabour
Hairstylist: James Brown
Special Makeup: Jack Young, Dennis Pike
Special Effects: Allan Cotter
Art Director: Carol Spier

Oliver Reed (Dr Hal Raglan)
Samantha Eggar (Nola Carveth)
Art Hindle (Frank Carveth)
Nuala Fitzgerald (Juliana Kelly)
Susan Hogan (Ruth Mayer)
Gary McKeehan (Mike Trellan)
Cindy Hinds as Candice [Carveth]
Henry Beckman as Barton Kelly
Michael Magee (inspector)
Robert Silverman (Jan Hartog)
Joseph Shaw (coroner)
Larry Solway (lawyer)
Rainer Schwartz (Dr Birkin)
Felix Silla, John Ferguson (creatures)
Nicholas Campbell (Chris)
Mary Swinton (Wendy)
Jerry Kostur (construction worker)
Christopher Britton (man in auditorium)

Alternative Titles

Brood, la covata malefica – Italy
Brood – vihan jälkeläiset – Finland
Die Brut – Germany
La Clinique de la terreur – Canada (French)
Cromosoma tres – Spain
Cromosoma3 – Spain
Chromosome 3 – France
Chromosoom 3 – Belgium (Flemish)
A Ninhada – Portugal
Potomstwo – Poland

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New Musical Express 22 March 1980 pp.25-26
Cronenberg's talent is as forceful as it's unusual, but The Brood is ultimately disappointing. The film even flirts with utter orthodoxy (cf its ending). […] Cronenberg's decision to present his material within a more conventional (ie psychological) framework may well, I feel, have blunted the impact of the delicate – but often explosively revelatory – brinkmanship he plays in the uncharted cerebral corridors that connect compulsive fascination with appalled repulsion. – from an illustrated review (Not brooding but brewing) by Angus MacKinnon



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