The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966)

UK, West Germany,
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono (RCA Sound Recording), English

A British/West German science fiction film directed by Don Sharp.

Plot Summary

is back and this time he's abducting daughters of and holding them on his remote island hideaway. Fu Manchu demands that the scientists work on a powerful death ray project, his latest ruse to take over the world. Nayland Smith is called in to again battle his arch-nemesis…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Don Sharp
© 1966 Fu Manchu Films Ltd.
Constantin Film [credited only on German prints]. A David Henley film
Production Manager: John Comfort
Screenplay by: Peter Welbeck [real name: Harry Alan Towers]
Characters: Sax Rohmer *
2nd Unit Director: David Eady
Assistant Director: Barrie Melrose
Continuity: Josie Fulford
Director of Photography: Ernest Steward
2nd Unit Photography: John Kotze
Camera Operator: Dudley Lovell
Editor: Allan Morrison
Music Composed by: Bruce Montgomery
And Conducted by: Philip Martell
Sound Recordists: John Brommage, Len Abbott
Dubbing Editor: Roy Piper
Wardrobe Supervisors: H. & T. Haynes
Make-up: George Partleton
Hairdresser: Ann Box [real name: Anne Box]
Art Director: Frank White
Assistant Art Director: George Lack
Made at Bray Studios, England
Location Manager: Bruce Sharman

Christopher Lee (Fu Manchu)
Douglas Wilmer (Nayland Smith)
Heinz Drache (Franz)
Marie Versini (Marje Lentz)
Howard Marion Crawford (Dr Petri)
Tsai Chin (Lin Tang)
Kenneth Fortescue (Sergeant Spicer)
Joseph Fürst (Otto Lentz)
Carole Gray (Michel Merlin)
Harald Leipnitz (Nikki Sheldon)
Burt Kwouk (Feng)
Eric Young (control assistant)
the brides of Fu Manchu
Rupert Davies (Jules Merlin)
Roger Hanin (Inspector Grimaldi)
Salmaan Peer (Abdul)
Wendy Gifford (Louise)
Poulet Tu (Lotus)
Danni Shersdan (Shiva)
Denis Holmes (constable)
Maureen Beck (Nurse Brown)
Michael Chow (guard)
Christopher Kum (wireless operator)
Tommy Yapp (Dagoit)

Alternative Titles

Die 13 Sklavinnen des Dr Fu Man Chu – Austria/Germany
Die Dreizehn Sklavinnen des Dr Fu Man Chu – Germany
Fu Manchu: paholaisen palvelija – Finland
Fu Manchus djävulska hämnd – Sweden
Il giorno dei fazzoletti rossi – Italy
Las Novias de Fu-Manchú – Spain

Sequel to
The Face of Fu Manchu (1965)

The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967)
The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)
El castillo de Fu Manchu (1969)



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