The Branded Four (1920)

USA, 1920
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

An American fantasy serial in 15 episodes directed by Duke Worne.

Plot Summary

Four babies are branded at birth by Dr Scraggs that become visible when they reach adulthood. Together, the brands reveal the location of a stash of gold. One of the four, Marion Leonard, employs criminologiust A.B.C. Drake to help her get to the bottom of the mystery.


Directed by: Duke Worne
Select Pictures Corporation
Story and Screenplay by: Hope Loring, George W. Pyper

Ben F. Wilson (A.B.C. Drake)
Neva Gerber (Marion Leonard)
Joseph W. Girard (Dr Horatio Scraggs)
William Dyer (lawyer)
Ashton Dearholt (Mr Leonard)
William A. Carroll (Jason)
Pansy Porter (second daughter)
Golda Madden
Hal Wilson


1. A Strange Legacy
2. The Devil’s Trap
3. Flames of Revenge
4. The Blade of Death
5. Fate’s Pawn
6. The Hidden Cave
7. Shanghaied
8. Mutiny
9. The House of Doom
10. The Ray of Destruction
11. Buried Alive
12. Lost to the World
13. The Valley of Death
14. From the Sky
15. Sands of Torment

Alternative Titles

La marque des quatre – France
O mavros satanas – Greece
ブランデッド・フォーア – Japan



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