The Boogens (1981)

USA, 1971
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by James L. Conway.

Plot Summary

A race of vicious monster lurk in the abandoned mine tunnels beneath a small town and attack anyone who ventures down there.


Directed by: James L. Conway
© Taft International Pictures, Inc.
Produced by: Charles E. Sellier Jr
Associate Producers: Bill Comford, Cliff Osmond
Screenplay by: David O'Malley & Bob Hunt
Story by: Tom Chapman & David O'Malley
Director of Photography: Paul Hipp
Film Editor: Michael Spence
Music Composed & Conducted by: Bob Summers
Sound Mixer: Rod Sutton
Wardrobe Designer: Julie Staheli
Make-up Artist: Charles Balazs
Hairdresser: Peter Tothpal
Special Effects: Jon Reeves, Doug Kramer
Boogen Designed and Made by: William Munns, Ken Horn
Production Designer: Paul Staheli
Casting by: Amy Schreiber & Associates

Rebecca Balding (Trish Michaels)
Fred McCarren (Mark Kinner)
Anne-Marie Martin (Jessica Ford)
Jeff Harlan (Roger Lowrie)
John Crawford (Brian Deering)
Med Flory (Dan Ostroff)
Jon Lormer (Blanchard)
Peg Stewart (Victoria Tusker)
Scott Wilkinson (Deputy Greenwalt)
Marcia Reider (Martha Chapman)

Alternative Titles

Los Boogens – Spanish title
Viernes negro – Colombian title

Extracts included in
Silent Scream with Rebecca Balding (2009)


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