The Boneyard (1991)


An American comedy horror film directed by James Cummins.

Plot Summary

A psychic and an aging detective and his partner investigate strange goings-on at the County morgue, where the mortician is suspected of having fed body parts to three young he has locked up there. Their investigations reveal that the children are in fact and now they're loose in the building…


Directed by: James Cummins
© [not given on screen]
Cori Films [logo; Backbone Productions Ltd. presents a Backwood film
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Sanfilippo
Producer: Richard F. Brophy
Written by: James Cummins
Director of Photography: Irl Dixon
Editor: Larry R. Gries
Music Composed and Conducted by: John Lee Whitener
Sound Mixer: Sid Williams
Wardrobe: Deanna Newton
Key Make-up/Hair: John Bayless
Special Make-up Effects Created by: Backwood Film Effects, Asheville, North Carolina
Special Make-up Effects Designed by: Bill Corso with James Cummins
Art Director: Carl “Chip” Anderson

Ed Nelson (Jersey Callum)
Deborah Rose (Alley Cates)
Norman Fell (Shepard)
James Eustermann (Gordon Mullin)
Denise Young (Dana)
Willie Stratford Jr (Marty)
Phyllis Diller as Miss Poopinplatz
Robert Yun Ju Ahn (Chen)
Rick Brophy (Mac)
Sally Middleton Kaltreider (little ghoul/dead girl)
Janice Dever (medium ghoul)
Cindy Dollar-Smith (big ghoul)
Michael Haun (Floosums and Poopinplatz ghouls)
Brian Ahn (dead child 2)
Jessica Lasher (dead child 3)
Bo Sook Ahn (Oriental mother)
Edward Mau-Tung Sun (Oriental father)
Christopher Finch (sorceror)
Binny (Floofsums)

Alternative Titles

Boneyard – Germany
Kostnica – Poland



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