The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)

UK, Spain, West Germany 1968
61m (UK – theatrical (1968)), 82m (Germany), 87m 56s (UK – video (1994)), 89m 3s (UK – video (1999)), 91m, 5524 feet
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British/Spanish/West German science fiction film directed by Jesus Franco.

Plot Summary

Fu Manchu is once again plotting world domination, this time from his headquarters in the Amazon jungle. His plan is to taint the lipstick of ten beautiful women with a rare poison that kills only men and send them out to seduce ten prominent politicians. Carl Jansen and Fu Manchu’s arch-enemy Sir Denis Nayland Smith are on hand to try to stop him.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Jess Franco [real name: Jess Franco]
1968 © Udastex Films Limited
Produced by: Harry Alan Towers
Production Manager: Juan Estelrisch
Screenplay by: Peter Welbeck 1A psedonym for Harry Alan Towers]; Manfred R. Köhler [German version]; Ricardo Franco, Jesus Franco [Spanish version]
Characters: Sax Rohmer [credited in possessory above title]
Assistant Directors: Juan Estelrish [uncredited on English language prints], Reynald P. Barros [uncredited on English language prints]
Photographed by: Manuel Merino
Assistant Director of Photography: Javier Perez Zofio [uncredited on English language prints]
Editor: Alan Morrison
Music by: Daniel White [on US and UK prints]; Hans-Martin Majewski, Gert Wilden [on West German and Spanish prints]
Sound: Malcolm Stewart
Dubbing Editor: Bill Creed
Costumes: Helga Lepinski [uncredited on English language prints]
Make Up: Mariano Garcia [uncredited on English language prints]
Christopher Lee’s Make Up: Stuart Freeborn [uncredited on English language prints]
Special Effects: Jaime Rubio [uncredited on English language prints]
Art Directors: Peter Gasper [uncredited on English language prints], Hans Billian [uncredited on English language prints]
Set Dresser: Augusto Lega [uncredited on English language prints]
Photographed on location in Spain [Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid] and Brazil [Rio de Janeiro]

Christopher Lee (Fu Manchu)
Tsai Chin (Lin Tang)
Maria Rohm (Ursula [Wagner])
Howard Marion Crawford (Doctor [Ronald] Petrie)
Frances Kahn (Carmen)
Isaura de Oliveira (Yuma)
Richard Greene as [Sir Denis] Nayland Smith
Shirley Eaton (Black Widow (Li Hong on West German prints))
Gotz George (Carl [Jansen])
Ricardo Palacios (Sanco [Lopez])
Loni Von Frield (Celeste)
Vicente Roca [Thomas – uncredited]
Marcelo Arroita-Jáuregui [the governor – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Against All Odds
– Sweden
Fu Manchu: himon herra
– Finland
Fu Manchu y el beso de la muerte
– Spain
Kiss and Kill
Kiss of Death
Der Todeskuß des Dr Fu Manchu

Sequel to
The Face of Fu Manchu (1965)
The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966)
The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967)

El castillo de Fu Manchu (1969)

Includes extracts from
La ciudad sin hombres (1968)



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