The Blob (1958)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.

Plot Summary

A meteorite crashes to Earth near a small town and unleashes an oozing, blob-like creature that devours everything it touches. Some discover the creature but are unable to get anyone to listen to them – can they alert the townspeople before the ever-growing monster destroys
them all.


Directed by: Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr
Copyright MCMLVIII [1958] by Tonylyn Productions, Inc.
A Paramount release. A Tonylyn production
Produced by: Jack H. Harris
Associate Producer: Russell Doughten
Screenplay by: Theodore Simonson and Kate Phillips [real name: Kay Linaker]
From an Original Idea by: Irvin H. Millgate
Director of Photography: Thomas Spalding
Film Editor: Alfred Hillman
Music Composed and Conducted by: Ralph Carmichael
Sound: Gottfried Buss, Robert Clement
Western Electric Recording
Make Up: Vin Kehoe
Special Effects: Bart Sloane
Art Director: William Jersey, Karl Karlson
Locations: Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, USA; Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA; Colonial Theater, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA; Royersford, Pennsylvania, USA
Produced at Valley Forge Film Studios

Steven McQueen (Steve Andrews)
Aneta Corsaut (Jane Martin)
Earl Rowe (Lieutenant Dave)
Olin Howlin (old man)
Steven Chase (Dr T. Hallen)
John Benson (Sergeant Jim Bert)
George Karas (Officer Ritchie)
Lee Payton (Kate)
Elbert Smith (Henry Martin)
Hugh Graham
Vince Barbi (George, the cafe owner)
Audrey Metcalf (Elizabeth Martin)
Jasper Deeter (civil defense volunteer)
Tom Ogden
Elinor Hammer (Mrs Porter)
Pamela Curran (smooching teenager)
Ralph Roseman
Charlie Overdorff
David Metcalf
Josh Randolph

Alternative Titles

The Glob That Girdled the Globe – working title
The Glob – working title
The Meteorite Monster – working title
The Molten Meteorite – working title
The Night of the Creeping Dead – working title

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The Blob (1988)

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