The Black Torment (1964)

35mm, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British film directed by Robert Hartford-Davis.

Plot Summary

In 1780, Sir Richard Fordyce returns to his ancestral home in the village of Tiverton with his newly-acquired second bride Elizabeth to face hostility from his staff and the local villagers. It seems that while he was away, a doppelganger has been raping and murdering his way through the neighbourhood and the locals are muttering about witchcraft. To make matters worse, the ghost of Fordyce's first wife rides around the grounds yelling “Murderer!”


Directed by: Robert Hartford-Davis
© MCMLXIV [1964] by Compton-Tekli Film Productions Limited
Michael Klinger and Tony Tenser present a Compton-Tekli production
Produced by: Robert Hartford-Davis
Associate Producer: Robert Sterne
Original Screenplay by:Donald and Derek Ford
Director of Photography: Peter Newbrook
Editor: Alastair McIntyre
Music Composed and Conducted by: Robert Richards
Sound Mixer: Bert Ross
Sound Recordist: John Aldred
Wardrobe Supervisor: Elsa Fennell
Make-Up: George Partleton
Hairdresser: Joan White
Art Director: Alan Harris

Heather Sears (Lady Elizabeth)
John Turner (Sir Richard Fordyce)
Ann Lynn (Diane)
Peter Arne (Seymour)
Norman Bird (Harris)
Raymond Huntley (Colonel Wentworth)
Annette Whiteley (Mary)
Francis de Wolff (Black John)
Joseph Tomelty (Sir Giles)
Patrick Troughton (stable hand)
Roger Croucher (apprentice)
Charles Houston (Jenkins)
Derek Newark (coachman)
Kathy Macdonald (Kate)
Bill Cummings, Frank Hayden, Jack Taylor (soldiers)
Edina Ronay (Lucy Judd)

Alternative Titles

Estate of Insanity – USA
Das Grauen auf Black Torment – West Germany
Horror en la mansión Fordyke – Spain
La morte nera – Italy
Le spectre maudit – France



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