The Black Raven (1943)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American borderline horror film directed by Sam Newfield.

Plot Summary

A group of travellers shelter from a thunderstorm in a remote inn. During the night, one of them, who has just stolen $50,000 from a bank, is murdered – and the money goes missing. It seems that everyone had a reason to kill the man – but which one of them did it?


* = uncredited

Directed by: Sam Newfield
Copyright MCMXLIII [1943] by Producers Releasing Corporation
Producers Releasing Corporation presents a Producers Releasing Corporation picture
Produced by: Sigmund Neufeld
Production Manager: Bert Sternbach
Original Screen Play by: Fred Myton
Assistant Director: Melville De Lay
Director of Photography: Robert Cline
Film Editor: Holbrook N. Todd
Stock Music: Charles Dunworth *
Musical Supervision: David Chudnow
Sound Engineer: Hans Weeren

George Zucco as Amos Bradford, alias ‘The Raven'
Wanda McKay as Lee Winfield
Noel Madison as Mike Bardoni
Byron Foulger as Horace Weatherby
Robert Middlemass as Tim Winfield
Charles Middleton as sheriff
Robt. Randall [Bob Randall in end credits] as Allen Bentley
Glenn Strange as Andy
I. Stanford Jolley as Whitey Cole
Jimmy Aubrey [roadblock watchman] *

Remake of
The Rogues' Tavern (1936)