The Black Cat (1941)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Albert S. Rogell.


Directed by: Albert S. Rogell
Copyright MCMXLI [1941] by Universal Pictures Company, Inc.
Universal presents a Universal pictures
Associate Producer: Burt Kelly
Original Screen Play: Robert Lees, Fred Rinaldo, Eric Taylor, Robert Neville
Suggested by the story by Edgar Allan Poe
Assistant Director: Howard Christie
Director of Photography: Stanley Cortez
Film Editor: Ted Kent
Musical Director: H.J. Salter
Sound Supervisor: Bernard B. Brown
Technician: Hal Bumbaugh
Western Electric Mirrorphonic Recording
Gowns: Vera West
Special Photographic Effects: John P. Fulton
Art Director: Jack Otterson
Associate: Ralph M. De Lacy
Set Decorations: R.A. Gausman

Basil Rathbone (Hartley)
Hugh Herbert (Mr Penny)
Broderick Crawford (Hubert Smith)
Bela Lugosi (Eduardo)
Gale Sondergaard (Abigail Doone)
Anne Gwynne (Elaine Winslow)
Gladys Cooper (Myrna Hartley)
Cecilia Loftus (Henrietta Winslow)
Claire Dodd (Margaret Gordon)
John Eldredge (Stanley Borden)
Alan Ladd (Richard Hartley)
Erville Alderson [doctor]
Harry Bradley [coroner]
Jack Cheatham [removal man]



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