The BBC Television Shakespeare: The Winter’s Tale (1981)

UK, USA, 8 February 1981
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television play directed by Jane Howell. Production began on 9 April 1980

Plot Summary

The jealous King Leontes of falsely accuse his wife pregnant Hermione of infidelity and soon after giving birth she dies. The enraged Leontes banishes his baby daughter Perdita who returns sixteen years later only to fall in love with the son of the man Leontes accused of betraying him. Her return home causes a statue of Hermione to come to life and she is reunited with a contrite Leontes.


Director: Jane Howell
BBC, -Life Films Inc
Producer: Jonathan Miller
Based on the Play by William Shakespeare
Script Editor: David Snodin
Lighting: Sam Barclay
Incidental Music Composed by: Dudley Simpson
Costume Designer: John Peacock
Make-up Artist: Cherry Alston
Designer: Don Homfray
Choreographer: Geraldine Stephenson

Jeremy Kemp (Leontes, King of Sicily)
Anna Calder-Mashall (Hermione)
Debbie Farrington (Perdita)
Margaret Tyzack (Paulina)
Rikki Fulton (Autolycus)
Arthur Hewlett (old shepherd)
Colin McCormack (Dion)
Cornelius Garrett (Servant to Leontes)
Cyril Luckham (Antigonus)
David Burke (Camillo)
Emrys Leyshon (court official)
George Howe (Paulina's steward)
Harold Goldblatt (Time, as Chorus)
Janette Legge (Dorcas)
Jeremy Dimmick (Mamillius)
John Bailey (lord to Leontes)
John Benfield (mariner)
John Benfield (jailer)
John Curless (Cleomenes)
John Welsh (Archidamus)
Leonard Kavanagh (Lord to Leontes)
Maggie Wells (Mopsa)
Merelina Kendall (Emilia)
Peter Benson (clown's servant)
Robert Stephens (Polixenes)
Robin Kermode (Florizel)
Susan Brodrick (second lady)
William Relton (lord to Leontes)

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