The BBC Television Shakespeare: Macbeth (1983)

UK, USA, 5 November 1983
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television film directed by Jack Gold.

Plot Summary

The Scottish lord Macbeth murders the king and steals the throne. His wife suffers a nervous breakdown brought on by guilt and begins to hallucinate, eventually throwing in her lot with dead king’s son in an effort to topple Macbeth from his seat of power.


Director: Jack Gold
A BBC Television production in association with Time-Life Television Productions Inc
Copyright BBC
Producer: Shaun Sutton
Production Manager: Peter Stenning
Play: William Shakespeare
Script Editor: David Snodin
Lighting: Dennis Channon
Senior Cameraman: Geoffrey Feld
Technical Managers: Andrew Dixon, Harry Bradley
Video Tape Editor: Stan Pow
Vision Supervisor: Graham Rimmington
Vision Mixer: John Barclay
Music: Carl Davis
Sound: Ray Angel
Costume Designer: Michael Burdle
Make Up: Jenny Shircore
Visual Effects Designer: John Brace
Designer: Gerry Scott
Properties Buyer: Alan Mansey
Production Associate: Fraser Lowden
Assistant Floor Managers: Ruth S. Mayorcas, Garry Boon
Production Assistant: Beryl Hurdle
Literary Consultant: Dr John Wilders
Fight Arranger: Malcolm Ransom

Brenda Bruce (first witch)
Eileen Way (second witch)
Anne Dyson (third witch)
Mark Dignam (Duncan)
James Hazeldine (Malcolm)
Christopher Ellison (Captain)
John Rowe (Lennox)
Gawn Grainger (Ross)
Nicol Williamson (Macbeth)
Ian Hogg (Banquo)
David Lyon (Angus)
Jane Lapotaire (Lady Macbeth)
Gordon Kane (first messenger)
Alistair Henderson (Fleance)
James Bolam (Porter)
Tony Doyle (Macduff)
Tom Bowles (Donalbain)
Will Leighton (old man)
Eamon Boland (Seyton)
Barry Lowe (first murderer)
Christopher Reich (second murderer)
Denyse Alexander (gentlewoman)
Jill Baker (Lady Macduff)
Crispin Mair (son to Macduff)
Philip Dunbar, Rodney Cardiff, Mark Lindsay (murderers)
John Woodnutt (doctor)
Matthew Long (Menteith)
Peter Porteous (Caithness)
William Abney (old Siward)
Christopher Fulford (second messenger)
Nicholas Coppin (young Siward)

Alternative Titles

The Complete Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare: Macbeth – US video title