The Batman (2022)

USA, 2022
digital video, colour, 2.39:1
SDDS, IMAX 6-Track, Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, DTS (DTS: X), Dolby Surround 7.1, 12-Track Digital Sound (IMAX 12 track), Auro 11.1, English

An American science fiction film directed by Matt Reeves.

Plot Summary

The Riddler starts to murder Gotham City’s political elite and while investigating as Batman, Bruce Wayne uncovers uncomfortable secrets about his own family involvement.


Directed by: Matt Reeves
© 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
A Warner Bros. Pictures presentation. A 6th & Idaho / Dylan Clark Productions production. A Matt Reeves film
Executive Producers: Michael E. Uslan, Walter Hamada, Chantal Nong Vo, Simon Emanuel
Produced by: Dylan Clark, Matt Reeves
Associate Producer: Adam Sorin
Written by: Matt Reeves, Peter Craig
Batman Created by: Bob Kane with Bill Finger
Based on Characters from DC
Director of Photography: Greig Fraser
Edited by: William Hoy, Tyler Nelson
Music by: Michael Giacchino
Production Sound Mixer: Stuart Wilson
Costume Designer: Jacqueline Durran
Batsuit Costume Designed by/Costume Supervisor: Dave Crossman
Batsuit Costume Designed by/Batsuit Chief Concept Artist: Glyn Dillon
Makeup Designer: Naomi Donne
Prosthetics Design – The Penguin & Unseen Arkham Prisoner: Mike Marino
Selina Makeup Designer: Pat McGrath
Hair Designer: Zoe Tahir
Prosthetics Supervisor: Tristan Versluis
Special Effects Supervisor: Dominic Tuohy
Visual Effects Supervisor: Dan Lemmon
Virtual Production by: ILM Stagecraft
Visual Effects by: Industrial Light & Magic; Scanline VFX
Visual Effects & Animation Created by: Weta Digital Limited
Visual Effects by: Crafty Apes, Territory Studio
Production Designer: James Chinlund
Casting by: Cindy Tolan, Lucy Bevan
Filmed at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden, England
Filmed on Location in London, Liverpool, England, Glasgow, Scotland and Chicago, USA

Robert Pattinson (Bruce Wayne/The Batman)
Zoë Kravitz (Selina Kyle)
Jeffrey Wright (Lt James Gordon)
Colin Farrell (Oz/The Penguin)
Paul Dano (The Riddler)
John Turturro (Carmine Falcone)
Andy Serkis (Alfred)
Peter Sarsgaard (District Attorney Gil Colson)
Barry Keoghan (unseen Arkham prisoner)
Jayme Lawson (Bella Reál)
Gil Perez-Abraham (Officer Martinez)
Peter McDonald (Kenzie)
Con O’Neill (Chief Mackenzie Bock)
Alex Ferns (Commissioner Pete Savage)
Rupert Penry-Jones (Mayor Don Mitchell Jr)
Kosha Engler (Mrs Mitchell)
Archie Barnes (Mitchell’s son)
Janine Harouni (Carla)
Hana Hrzic (Annika)
Joseph Walker (young Riddler)
Luke Roberts (Thomas Wayne)
Oscar Novak (young Bruce Wayne)
Stella Stocker (Martha Wayne)

Alternative Titles

Batman – alternative title
Batman: Vạch Trần Sự Thật – Vietnamese title
Betmen – Uzbekistani title
Betmenas – Lithuanian title
Betmens – Latvian title
Le Batman – French Canadian title
Untitled Batman Reboot – working title
Батман – Bulgarian title
Бетмен – Serbian, Ukrainian, Mongolian, Russian title
ザ・バットマン – Japanese title
द बैटमैन – Hindi Indian title
더 배트맨 – South Korean title
新蝙蝠侠 – Mandarin Chinese title
蝙蝠俠 – Taiwanese title


Techlife News 5 March 2022 pp.176-185
“Reeves’ three-hour-long The Batman includes plenty of action, character introductions, gadgets and other various superhero accoutrement. But it is no extravaganza. This Batman is a morose mood piece, soaked in shadow and rage, that has stripped the comic’s archetypes down to abstracted silhouettes and grubbily human characters. If Jim Carrey’s Riddler were to wander into this movie, he would fit in about as well as Bugs Bunny in Taxi Driver. Scorsese’s movie, with Travis Bickle sneering at societal collapse, was a prominent influence on Todd Phillips’ muddled Joker, but it may be more so for The Batman, which likewise rests on the precarious psychology of its DC protagonist. Robert Pattinson’s is a young Batman, relatively new to the gig and suffering mightily from the nightly battles with Gotham’s most depraved. A feeling of helplessness consumes him, and a sense that he can never stem the tide […] The Batman is darkly dour stuff – potent but erratic. It’s as though the filmmakers, working in the very long shadow of The Dark Knight, have opted not to rival the moody majesty of Christopher Nolan’s genre-redefining 2008 film but instead to simply go “harder” – blacker, more cynical, a total eclipse. That may make The Batman properly suited to its times but it also makes it, ultimately, feel like a somewhat hollow if often grippingly pitch-black exercise in an imagined arms race of severity.” – author not credited


Techlife News 5 March 2022 pp.176-185 – illustrated review (Gloomy night for the Dark Knight in ‘The Batman’ – author not credited)