The Bat (1926)

86m, 8219 feet, 2505 metres, 9 reels
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

An American horror film directed by Roland West.

Plot Summary

A wealthy woman and her niece are persecuted by the deranged killer known only as The Bat who is trying to force them from their home so he can his hands on the $200,000 in cash hidden inside.


* = uncredited

Director: Roland West
Feature Productions
Executive Producer: Joseph M. Schenk *
Producer: Roland West
Production Manager: Fred Stark *
Adaptation: Roland West
Play: Mary Roberts Rinehart, Avery Hopwood
Novel: The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart
Continuity: Julien Josephson
Directors of Photography: Arthur Edeson
Assistant Camera: Gregg Toland *
Editor: Hal C. Kern
Titles: George Marion Jr
Settings: William Cameron Menzies
Assistants on Production: Frank Hall Crane, Thornton Freeland, Hal C. Kern, Ned Herbert Mann
Business Manager: A.M. Brentinger *

André de Beranger (Gideon Bell)
Charles Herzinger (man in black mask)
Emily Fitzroy (Miss Cornelia Van Gorder)
Louise Fazenda (Lizzie Allen)
Arthur Housman (Richard Fleming)
Robert McKim (Dr Wells)
Jack Pickford (Brooks Bailey)
Jewel Carmen (Miss Dale Ogden)
Sojin Kamiyama (Billy)
Tullio Carminati (Detective Moletti)
Eddie Gribbon (Detective Anderson)
Lee Shumway (the unknown)

Alternative Titles

El murciélago – Spain/Venezuela
Das Rätsel der Fledermaus
– Austria, Germany

The Bat (1959)

See also
The Bat Whispers (1930)
The Circular Staircase (1915)



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