The Attic (1980)

35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by George Edwards. 10 September 1979 1Daily Variety 21 September 1979 p.10

Plot Summary

Louise has devoted her life to her disabled and overbearing father. When he dies, she discovers a key leading to a room that was always forbidden from entering…


Directed by: George Edwards
© MCMLXXX [1980] The Attic Associates
Forum Productions Ltd. in association with Raymond M. Dryden and The Attic Associates presents
Executive Producers: Robert H. Becker and Mel Edelstein
Produced by: Raymond M. Dryden and Phillip Randall
Screenplay by: Tony Crechales and George Edwards
Director of Photography: Gary Graver
Editor: Derek Parsons
Music Composed and Conducted by: Hod David Schudson
Sound Recording: Michael Moore
Wardrobe Supervisor: Patrushka Mierzwa
Make-up: Jim Gillespie
Hair: Dana Walski
Art Director: Tom Rasmussen

Carrie Snodgress (Louise Elmore)
Ray Milland (Wendell Elmore)
Ruth Cox (Emily Perkins)
Rosemary Murphy (Mrs Perkins)
Angel (Dickie)
Frances Bay (the librarian)
Fern Barry (Mrs Mooney)
Marjorie Eaton (Mrs Fowler)
Dick Welsbacher (missing persons agent)
Joyce Cavarozzi (secretary)
Michael Rhodes (sailor)
Ron Luce (young Robert)
Phil Speary (travel agent)
Patrick Brennan (David Perkins)
Mark Andrews (Marty)
Terry Troutt (Donald)
Zale Kessler (mailman)
Mason Armin James (gorilla)



Starburst no.31 (1981) p.19
[O]ne has to feel more sympathy for Carrie Snodgress than the Tony Crechales and George Edwards script expects of us. Nearly ten years ago she made a movie called The Diary of a Mad Housewife. It wasn’t a hit, but she was. Indeed, Carrie was hailed back then in much the same way as Meryl Streep has been cannonised in recent months. She is still every bit as fine an acting talent as Meryl – deserving, therefore, something rather better than The Attic. […] She’s proved her capabilities in The Fury, and she’s rather better (naturally) than really called for in The Attic. She makes it a tense psychiatric study (well photographed by Orson Welles’ pupil Gary Graver), but in the end it’s really beneath her considerable talents. – from an illustrated review by Tony Crawley



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