The Atomic Submarine (1959)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Spencer G. Bennet.

Plot Summary

In the near future, ships and aircraft crossing the North Pole are disappearing en route. The submarine Tigershark is sent to investigate and find that the culprit isn't even human…


Directed by: Spencer G. Bennet
© MCMLIX [1959] by Gorham Productions, Inc.
A Gorham production [opening credits] Allied Artists Productions, Inc. [closing credits] Teleworld, Inc. presents [on TV prints only]
Produced by: Alex Gordon
In association with Jack Rabin and Irving Block
Co-Producer: Henry Schrage
Associate Producer: Orville H. Hampton
Production Manager: Edward Morey Jr
Written by: Orville H. Hampton
Story: Irving Block, Jack Rabin (both uncredited)
Assistant Director: Clark Paylow
Script Supervisor: Judith Hart
Director of Photography: Gilbert Warrenton
Chief Set Electrician: George Satterfield
Film Editor: William Austin
Electro-sonic Music Composed and Conducted by: Alexander Laszlo
Music Editor: Neil Brunnenkant
Sound: Ralph Butler
Sound Editor: Marty Greco
Ryder Sound Services, Inc.
Wardrobe Supervisors: Roger J. Weinberg, Norah Sharpe
Make Up: Emile LaVigne
Special Effects Designed and Created by: Jack Rabin, Irving Block, Louis DeWitt
Art Directors: Don Ament, Dan Haller
Set Decorator: Harry Reif
Properties: Max Frankel
Assistant to Producer: Ruth Alexander
Production Associate and Dialogue Director: Jack Cash

Arthur Franz (Cmdr. Reef Holloway)
Dick Foran (Capt. Dan Wendover)
Brett Halsey (Dr Carl Neilson)
Paul Dubov (Lt. David Milburn)
Bob Steele (CPO ‘Grif' Griffin)
Victor Varconi (Dr. Clifford Kent)
Joi Lansing (Julie)
Selmer Jackson (Adm. Terhune)
Jack Mulhall (Secretary of Defense Justin Murdock)
Jean Moorhead (Helen Milburn)
Richard Tyler (Seaman Don Carney)
Sid Melton (Yeoman Chester Tuttle)
Ken Becker (Seaman Al Powell)
Frank Watkins (Watkins)
Tom Conway as Sir Ian Hunt
Pat Michaels (narrator)
John Hilliard (saucer voice)

Alternative Titles

The Atomic Sub
Atomubåten – Sweden
Auf U17 ist die Hölle los – West Germany
La guerra di domani – Italy
Il sommergibile atomico – Italy (television)
El submarino atómico – Argentina

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