The Astral Factor (1978)

USA, 1976
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by John Florea.

Plot Summary

A jailed killer learns how to make himself invisible and is able to escape and take revenge on the five women who testified against him.


Director: John Florea
Jordan/Lyon Productions Ltd. present
Executive Producer: Fred Jordan
Script: Arthur Pierce
Director of Photography: Alan Stensvold
Edited by: Bud S. Isaacs
Sound Mixer: William R. Edmondson
Costumer: Marie V. Brown
Makeup: Fred B. Phillips
Hairdresser: Gerry E. Leetch
Special Effects: Roger George
Titles and Photographic Effects: Howard A. Anderson Co.

Robert Foxworth
Stefanie Powers
Sue Lyon
Mark Slade
Leslie Parrish
Mariana Hill
Elke Sommer as Chris Hartman
Percy Rodrigues (Captain Wells
Alex Dreier (Dr. Ulmer
Rayford Barnes (Sgt. Archer
Frederick Tully (Detective Sloan
Frank Ashmore (Roger Sands
Larry Golden (Detective Rouseau
Renata Vaselle (Roxane Raymond
Cesare Danova as Mario



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