The Arrival (1996)

35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
Dolby Digital, SDDS, English

An American science fiction film directed by David Twohy.

Plot Summary

Astrophysicist Zane Ziminski receives a radio message that may be of extraterrestrial origin. Not long afterwards, Zane is mysteriouly fired from his job and discovers that similar signals are being broadcast from Mexico. With nothing left to lose, Ziminski sets off to he uncover the truth behind the transmissions but finds his way obstructed by paranoia, deceit and a global cover-up.


Director: David Twohy
Live Entertainment, Steelwork Films
Executive Producers: Robert W. Cort, Ted Field
Producers: Thomas G. Smith, James Steele
Co-Producer: Cyrus Yavneh
Associate Producers: Lorenzo O'Brien, David Tripet
Screenplay: David Twohy
Director of Photography: Hiro Narita
Editor: Martin Hunter
Music: Arthur Kempel
Sound Designer: David Farmer
Costume Designer: Mayes C. Rubeo
Make-up: Todd Masters
Prosthetic Make Up Effects: Todd Masters Company
Special Effects: Robin D'Arcy, Charles L. Finance
Special Effects: Digital Magic Company
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeff Burks
Digital Visual Effects and Alien Animation: Pacific Data Images
Production Designer: Michael Novotny

Lindsay Crouse (Ilana Green)
Charlie Sheen (Zane Zaminski)
Richard Schiff (Calvin)
Shane (JPL Guard 1)
Ron Silver (Phil Gordian/Mexican guard)
Teri Polo (Char)
Phyllis Applegate (Mrs Roosevelt)
Alan Coates (terraformer)
Leon Rippy (DOD 1)
Buddy Joe Hooker (DOD 2)
Javier Morga (co-worker)
Tony T. Johnson (Kiki)
Catalina Botello (N.C.A.R. woman)
Georg Lillitsch (computer tech)
Angel De La Pena (skeleton man)
David Villalpando (cabbie)
Maria Luisa Coronel (maid)
Ellen Bradley (screaming woman)
Jose Garcia, Jorge Becerril (Planecorp guards)
Luisa Huertas (security woman)

Alternative Titles

Die Ankunft – German title
Shockwave – shooting title

The Second Arrival (1998)



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