The Appointment (1981)

35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The

A British horror film directed by Lindsey C. Vickey.

Plot Summary

Three years after the mysterious killing of a schoolgirl in a nearby beauty spot, moody and precocious teenage music protégé Joanne is preparing for her debut performance in the school orchestra. Her father Ian disappoints her when he has to go away on a business trip on the day of the concert. But Joanne has a dark secret hidden in the woods, a secret that links her to the death of her classmate and which will eventually bring misery and death to her father…


Directed by: Lindsey C. Vickey
© First Principle Film Productions Ltd. (1981)
Ken Julian and Lindsey C. Vickers present a First Principle Films production
Executive Producer: Ken Julian
Producer: Tom Sachs
Associate Producer: Claude Hudson
Written by: Lindsey C. Vickers
Original Story by: Lindsey C. Vickers
Director of Photography: Brian West
Editor: Sean Barton
Music Composed and Conducted by: Trevor Jones
Sound Recordist: John Midgeley
Wardrobe: Jimmy Smith
Make up: Pauline Heys
Hairdresser: Helen Lennox
Special Effects Supervisor: George Gibbs
Production Designer: Michael Stringer

Edward Woodward (Ian)
Jane Merrow (Dianna)
Samantha Weyson as Joanne
John Judd (Mark)
Alan Stewart (man at roadside)
Auriol Goldingham (schoolgirl [Sandy Fremont])
Pamela Rose (receptionist)


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