The Angry Red Planet (1960)

USA, 1959
35mm film, Cinemagic, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Ib Melchior.

Plot Summary

A spaceship, believed lost while on a mission to , returns to Earth but the mission controllers still can't raise the crew. An automated landing brings the ship safely to ground, but only two of the crew have survived and one of them has been infected with a strange growth on his arm. The other survivor tells a horrific tale of what really happened on Mars and of the belligerent life they met there…


Directed by: Ib Melchior
© MCMLX [] by Sino Productions, Inc.
American International Pictures [logo]. An American International picture
Produced by: Sid Pink and Norman Maurer
Associate Producer: Lou Perlof
Screenplay by: Ib Melchior and Sid Pink
Original Story by: Sid Pink
Assistant Director: Lou Perlof
Script Supervisor: Hazel Hall
Continuity Sketches: Alexander Toth
Director of Photography: Stanley Cortez
Camera Operator: Robert Johannas
Assistant Cameramen: Bert Eason, Mike Walsh
Still Man: Roger Mace
Film Editor: Ivan J. Hoffman
Color in the new Eastman 5200
Processed by Pathé Laboratories, Inc.
Original Music Composed and Conducted by: Paul Dunlap
Sound Mixer: Vic Appel
Special Sound: Post-Productions, Inc.
Sound: Glen Glenn
Wardrobe: Marjorie Corso
Make Up: David Newell
Hairdresser: Lillian Shore
Special Effects: Herman Townsley; Bob Baker *
Cinemagic by: Norman Maurer
Produced under license granted by Cinemagic, Inc.
Production Designer: Alex Toth *
Property Men: Mel Sternlight, Art Wasson
Set Construction: Ned Shielle
Studio: Hal Roach Studios, Hollywood, California, USA *
Sino Productions gratefully acknowledge the help given by: The U.S. Air Force; The Burroughs Corporation, Electrodata Division; The Paillard Corporation, distributors of Hasselblad Cameras; Weber Aircraft Corporation, designers and manufacturers of ejection seats; ground transportation by Avis Rent-a-Car System – without whose cooperation this picture could not have been made

Gerald Mohr (Colonel Thomas O'Bannion)
Nora Hayden (Dr Iris ‘Irish' Ryan)
Les Tremayne (Professor Theodore Gettell)
Jack Kruschen (Chief Warrant Officer Sam Jacobs)
Paul Hahn (Maj. Gen. George Treegar)
J. Edward McKinley (Prof. Paul Weiner)
Tom Daly (Dr Frank Gordon)
Don Lamond (T.V. newscaster and special narration)
Edward Innes (Brigadier General Prescott)
Gordon Barnes
Jack Haddock
Brandy Bryan, Joan Fitzpatrick (control room technicians)
Duke Norton
Wm. Remick
Fred Ross (Major Ross)
David DeHaven
Arline Hunter (redhead nurse)
Aleane Hamilton (brunette nurse)

Alternative Titles

La furia del planeta rojo – Spain
Invasion of Mars – shooting title
Journey to the Fourth Planet – early title
Marte distruggerà la Terra – Italy
Weltraumschiff MR-1 gibt keine Antwort – Germany

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