The Android Affair (1995)

USA, 12 April 1995
colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American science fiction television film directed by Richard Kletter.

Plot Summary

Dr Karen Garrett is given the task of operating on Teach, an advanced android whose memory was suppsed to have been erased but wasn’t. Garrett comes to recognise very human traits in Teach and encourages him in his desire to pursue a ‘normal’ life. But it soon becomes clear that there are forces who oppose Teach’s development.


Director: Richard Kletter
Chanticleer Films
Producers: Joan Carson, Thom Colwell, Jana Sue Memel
Assistant Production Coordinator: Randy Kumano
Script: Richard Kletter
Story: Isaac Asimov
1st Assistant Director: John Pace
2nd Assistant Director: Glenn MacIntosh
Director of Photography: Bernard Salzmann
Editor: Lisa Bromwell
Music: Simon Boswell
Production Sound Mixer: Stuart French
Costume Designer: Luis Sequeira
Production Designer: Carmi Gallo
Art Director: Allan Crawley
Assistant Art Director: W. Brad Johnson

Harley Jane Kozak (Karen)
Griffin Dunne (Teach)
Ossie Davis (Dr Winston)
Saul Rubinek (Fiedler)
Peter Outerbridge (Thomas Benti)
Natalie Radford (Rachel Tyler)
Chandra Galasso (Alexx)
David Campbell (Gunther)
Ron Hartman (Palmer)
Michelle Moffett (Teach 1)
Joseph Scorsiani (Dr Bennett)
Heidi Hatashita (Nurse Gridley)
Wendy Murphy (Allen)
Diana Zimmer (visitor 1)
Desmond Campbell (Peter)
Anne Richie (reporter)
Peter Pownall (security guard)
Bryan Renfro (guard)
Robert Hollinger (cop 1)
Todd William Schroeder (cop 2)

Alternative Titles

Android 200 – German video title
Proyecto Cyborg – Spanish title

See also
Teach 109 (1990)



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