The Anatomist (1949b)

UK, 27 January 1949
broadcast live, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British horror television play directed by an uncredited Alastair Sim. It was the second of two live performances that were never recorded, the first having been on 23 January 1949.

Plot Summary

Edinburgh surgeon Dr Knox employs the services of local lowlifes Burke and Hare to secure bodies for his anatomy classes. They soon resort to murder to supply him with fresher specimens.


Production by: Alastair Sim
Adapted by: Joel O’Brien
Based on a Play by: James Bridie
Settings by: Richard Greenough

Alastair Sim (Doctor Knox)
Elenna Fraser (Mary Belle Dishart)
Alexis France (Amelia Dishart)
George Cole (Walter Anderson)
Dorothy Gibson (Jessie Ann)
Derek Blomfield (Raby)
Maurice Jones (Landlord)
Molly Urquhart (Mary Paterson)
Robina Kidd (Janet)
Howard Connell (Davie Paterson)
Ian Wallace (Burke)
Michael Ripper (Hare)



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