The Amazing Transplant (1970)

mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Doris Wishman using the pseudonym Louis Silverman.

Plot Summary

Arthur suddenly goes berserk and starts raping women who wear gold earrings. It seems that he has become possessed by a serial rapist whose penis was recently grafted on to his own body…


Director: Louis Silverman [real name: Doris Wishman]
Mostest Productions Inc
Producer: Louis Silverman [real name: Doris Wishman]
Script: Dawn Whitman [real name: Doris Wishman]
Director of Photography: C. Davis Smith
Editor: Louis Burdi
Assistant Editor: Andrew Pressman
Sound Effects: Emil Haviv
Special Effects: Eli Haviv

Juan Fernández (Arthur)
Linda Southern
Pat Barrett
Olive Denneccio
Sandy Eden
Larry Hunter
Suzzan Landau
Kim Pope
E.B. Priest

Alternative Titles

Sinnliche Lippen – German title



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