The Alpha Incident (1977)

35mm film, colour
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An American science fiction film directed by Bill Rebane.

Plot Summary

A train carrying a deadly virus recovered from a mission crashes and the virus is set loose among the local population, causing those infected to melt when they fall asleep. Four people exposed to the virus are isolated by government scientists hoping to effect a cure.


Directed by: Bill Rebane
© Wisconsin Film Group MCMLXXVII [1977]
Studio Film Corporation presents a film by Bill Rebane
Executive Producers: Barbara J. Rebane, Michael D. Graves
Produced by: Bill Rebane
Associate Producers: Herbert L. Cohan, Woody Jarvis
Original Screenplay by: Ingrid Neumayer
Director of Photography: Bela St. Jon
Editor: Bill Rebane
Music by: Richard A. Girvin
Sound Recordist: Michael Hoffman
Wardrobe: Jutta Rebane
Makeup: Tom Schwartz
Special Effects: Dale Kuipers
Set Designer: Dale Kuipers

Ralph Meeker (Charlie [Weigel])
Stafford Morgan (Dr [Ted] Sorenson)
John Goff (Jack Tiller)
Carol Irene Newell (Jenny Moore])
George ‘Buck' Flower (Hank)
Paul Bentzen as Dr [Jim] Farrell
John Alderman as Dr [Frank] Rogers
Ray Szmanda (the general)
Sir Lawrence Ripp (the guard)
Harry Youstos (Alvin)

Alternative Titles

Gift from a Red Planet – early title

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