The Alien Factor (1977)

16mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Donald M. Dohler.

Plot Summary

A spaceship carrying specimens for an intergalactic zoo crashes in the woods near a small North American town. Three of the creatures escape and go on the rampage.


Directed by: Donald M. Dohler
© 1977 by Cinemagic Visual Effects, Inc.
A Cinemagic Visual Effects production
Written by: Donald M. Dohler
Assistant Director: Anthony Malanowski
Cinematography by: Britt McDonough
Films Editors: Don Dohler, Dave Ellis
Music: Kenneth Walker
Sound Recording and Mix: Dave Ellis
Sound Effects: Kenneth Walker
Make Up: John Cosentino, Larry Schlechter, Britt McDonough
Interbyce (Insect) Designed and Worn by: Larry Schlechter
Zagatile (Tall Creature) Designed and Worn by: John Cosentino
Leemoid Designed and Animated by: Ernie Farino
Special Effects: John Cosentino, Larry Schlechter, Britt McDonough
Special Effects Assistant: Ted Richard Rae, Bill Cosentino
Title Logo/Trademark Designer: Tim Hammell
Process Photography by: Eue Opticals
Production Assistants: Chris Gummer, Dan White, Ed Litzinger, John Dods
Technical Advisor: Dave Geatty
Locations: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
We are grateful to the following companies and individuals for their assistance and cooperation in the making of this motion picture: All Media Production, Baltimore, Maryland; KLM Associates,Inc., Potomac, Maryland; Quality Film Labs, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland; Century Studios, Inc., Dallas Texas; Gunpowder Falls State Park; Maryland Department of Natural Resources; Baltimore County Office of Central Services; Federal Signal Corporation, Columbia, Maryland; The Anir Lounge, Kingsville, Maryland; WPER MAD Radio 13, Baltimore, Maryland; WDCA-TV 29, Washington, D.C.; The Baltimore City Police Department; The Baltimore County Police Department; Mr & Mrs Frank Gummer; Mr & Mrs Ronald Celozzi; Mr & Mrs Wilson Smith; John Ashton; Evelyn P. Wagner; Pamela Dohler; Mary Ann Merenda; Pete Garey; Donald G. Jackson; Robert Ondira; Lee Jamilik; Tom Phaneuf; Tom Brenner; Mr & Mrs Joseph Mistretta

Don Leifert (Ben Zachary)
Tom Griffith (Sheriff Cinder)
Richard Dyszel (Mayor Wicker)
Mary Mertens (Edie Martin)
Richard Geiwitz (Pete)
George Stover (Steven Price)
Eleanor Herman (Mary Jane Carter)
Anne Frith (Dr Ruth Sherman)
Christopher Gummer (Clay)
Johnny Walker (Rex)
Don Dohler (Ernie)
Dave Ellis (Richie)
Dave Geatty (man in bar)
Marie Van Tassell (Susan)
Tony Malanowski (Ed Miller)
Debbie Pietron, William Cosentino (couple in woods)
Rick Cosentino (biker)
Greg Dohler, Kim Dohler, Joey Merenda (three children)
Ann Hanks (barmaid)
Lon Talbot, Glenn Ruby, Jack Campbell (rock band)
Daniel White (Vance)
Britt McDonough (Ted)
William L. Brown (drunk)
Cathy Oldaker, Donna Foster (girls in bar)
Toni & Ed Watcheski (couple in bar)

Alternative Titles

Lance Sterling, Monster Killer – early title
Skrekken fra rommet – Norway (video)

Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage (2001)



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