The AirZone Solution? (1993)

UK, 1993
videotape, colour, 1.33:1
stereo, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A British science fiction film directed by Bill Baggs.

Plot Summary

In the near future, the Earth faces environmental disaster. The British Government appoints the secretive Airzone Corporation to try to come up with a solution. But the mysterious death of journalist Al Dunbar after he discovers just what Airzone are planning drags TV weatherman Arnold Davies into a terrifying conspiracy and realises that the Earth herself may be about to save herself from the destructive meddling of Mankind…


* = uncredited

Director: Bill Baggs
© BBV 1993
Producer: Bill Baggs *
Production Manager: Jo Tumelty
Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Director of Photography: Dick Kursa
Gaffer: Paul Silver, Ben Smithard
Grip: Jon Head
Editor: Michael Duxbury
Composer: Alistair Lock
Sound: Robert Hill
Wardrobe: Candida Hill
Make-up: Sheila Werrey, Sheelagh Wells, Dee Hickin, Susan Moore & Colin Shulver
Graphic Design: Crawford Wilson, Chris Senior
Production Associate: Helen Hewlett

Jon Pertwee (Oliver Trethewey)
Peter Davison (Al Dunbar)
Sylvester McCoy (Anthony Stanwick)
Heather Barker (Rachel Lonsdale)
Bernadette Gepheart (Robin Archer)
Colin Baker (Arnie Davies)
Nicholas Briggs (Sam Flint)
Nicola Bryant (Elenya Brown)
Alan Cumming (MacNamara)
Michael Wisher (Richard Allenby)
Quentin Rayner (Quentin)
Emma Hill (Polly)
Gary Russell (detective)
Christopher Paul Anderson [conference delegate – uncredited]

Extracts included in
Stranger than Fiction (1994)


Starburst no.190 (June 1994) p.20 – review (by Mark Wyman)