The Airship Destroyer (1909)

20m, 1350 feet
black and white

A British science fiction film directed by Walter R. Booth.

Plot Summary

A young inventor goes off to to prove his suitability to marry his sweetheart. rain down on the English countryside, dropped by enemy while attempt to shoot them down. When the heroine's house is hit, our man dashes gallantly to the rescue and together they launch the guided aerial torpedo that he's invented, destroying the enemy ships and the young lovers finally marry.


Director: Walter R. Booth
The Charles Urban Trading Company
Producer: Charles Urban
Ideas: Rudyard Kipling, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells

Alternative Titles

Aerial Torpedo
Aerial Warfare
The Battle of the Clouds
Death in the Air
Fury in the Skies
The Love Life of the Inventor of a Torpedo
The Possibilities of War in the Air
Romance of the Inventor of the First Aerial Torpedo

See also
Das Luft-Torpedo (1913)
La Torpille aerienne (1912)



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