The Adventures of T-Rex (1995)

France, USA, Japan, 1992
1 series, 52 episodes, average 25m
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A French/American/Japanese animated fantasy television series created by Michael Wahl and Lee Gunther.


Hot Shot
Rep Side Story
Mesmerized Mayor
The Big Freeze
Vinny and the Brothers
Big Time at the Big House
Rep City Games
Robo Flop
Where’s Ed?
The Comeback Kid
The Fabulous Brother Boys
Play It Again
Big Boss Blues
Witness Protection
Biggest Chill
Dance Fever
The Contender
The Mayor’s Egg
The Flying Boat
Rep City Guru
The Kimono Caper
in the House
Crusin’ for a Bruisin’
Country Cousins
The Rexmobile
Really Big Foot
It’s All in the Cards
Flo and Ed
Fight at the Opera
The Rex Stuff
Rep City Blues
Radio Rip-off
Ginger Snaps
They Flap by Night
The Dough Stops Here
Bungee Bandits
The Best Offense
My Fair Chain Gang
The Grand Science Fair
Crime Takes a Holiday
The Rep City Rockets
It’s a Gas
The Big Bite
Bag of Bones
Up the River
Weekend in the Country
Little Big Boss
Super T-Rex

Alternative Titles




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