The Adventures of Superboy: Rajah’s Ransom (1961)

black and white, 4:3
mono, English

An American science fiction television special directed by George Blair. It was intended to be the first episode in a new series, spun-off from Adventures of (1952-1958) which had been cancelled following the death of star George Reeves. Though a revival of the original series had been considered with a new actor, the producers instead opted to make a new series focussing on Superman's early years on Earth. In the event only this single episode was made though it was not broadcast. It was later released on video and on DVD as part of the Smallville: The Complete Series box set.

Plot Summary

Even in his teenage years, Clark Kent had tremendous powers and used them for good as .


* = uncredited

Directed by: George Blair
Produced by: Whitney Ellsworth
Production Supervision: Joe Wonder
Production Manager: Ben Chapman
Written by: Vernon E. Clark and Whitney Ellsworth
Characters: Joe Shuster *, Jerry Siegel *
Story Editor: Mort Weisinger
Assistant Director: Hal Klein
Director of Photography: Dick Rawlings
Film Editor: John B. Woelz
Music Editor: Milton Lustig
Audio Supervisor: Al Lincoln
Sound Editor: Chuck Overhulser
Wardrobe: Walt Hoffman
Makeup: Fred B. Phillips
Art Director: Jack T. Collis
Set Decorator: Charles S. Thompson
Casting Supervision: Harvey Clermont

Johnny Rockwell (Superboy/Clark Kent)
Bunny Henning (Lana Lang)
Ross Elliott
Monty Margetts
Charles Maxwell
Robert Williams
Richard Reeves
Yvonne White
Stacy Harris
Jimmy Bates
Ray Walker
Trudy Ellison (Donna)