The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American animated fantasy film directed by Will Vinton using his technique.

Plot Summary

Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher and Huck Finn stowaway aboard a balloon being flown into space by who is chasing Halley's Comet – he believes that destiny is to crash into it. Tom, Becky and Huck have to persuade the world – weary and cynical writer to change his mind before they reach the comet.


Directed by: Will Vinton
© Copyright MCMLXXXV [1985] Will Vinton Productions, Inc. and Harbour Town Films, II, III, Ltd.
Harbour Town Films Ltd. presents a film in Claymation by Will Vinton Productions. Will Vinton Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer: Hugh Kennedy Tirrell
Produced by: Will Vinton
Associate Producers: Susan Shadburne
Screenplay by: Susan Shadburne
Additional Writing & Research: Dan Yost, Mary Yost
Character Designer: Barry Bruce
Principal Character Claymation
Becky Thatcher by: William L. Fiesterman
Tom Sawyer/Dan'l Webster by: Tom Gasek
Huck Finn by: Mark Gustafson
Mark Twain by: Barry Bruce
Stormfield/ by: Craig Bartlett
Airship by: Bruce McKean
Claypainting Effects: Joan C. Gratz
Additional Claymation by: Don Merkt, Will Vinton, Matt Wuerker
Film Editors: Kelley Baker, Michael Gall, Will Vinton
Music Composed and Arranged by: Billy Scream
Sound Re-Recording: Andy Wiskes
Mechanical and Computer Effects: Gary McRobert
Special Photographic Effects: Will Vinton

James Whitmore as the voice of Mark Twain
Michele Mariana (Becky Thatcher)
Gary Krug (Huck Finn)
Chris Ritchie (Tom Sawyer)
John Morrison (Adam)
Carol Edelman (Eve)
Dallas McKennon (Jim Smiley)
Herb Smith (the stranger)
Marley Stone (Aunt Polly)
Michele Mariana, Wilbur Vincent (the mysterious stranger)
Wally Newman (Captain Stormfield)
Tim Conner (three-headed alien)
Todd Tolces (Saint Peter)
Billy Scream (the indexivator)
Dallas McKennon (newspaper boy)
Bob Griggs (first heckler)
Coward Wholesale (second heckler)
Tomasek (man in crowd)
Sally Sopwith (woman in crowd)
Michele Mariana (girl in crowd)
Wilf Innton (Dan'l Webster)
Tom Gasek (Homer)
Andrew Edwards (first miner)
Harvey Brown (second miner)
Craig Bartlett, Tom Gasek, Mark Gustafson, Bruce McKean (Calaveras miners)
Billy Victor (God)
Compton Downs (Injun Joe)
Nell Suza, Tim Kahn, Stashu Beencof, Billy Scream (animals)
Nell Suza, Kesag Mot, Kim Tonner (mud people)
Gary Thompson (baby Cain)

Alternative Titles

Comet Quest
Mark Twain
Mark Twainin seikkailut – Finland
Przygody Marka Twaina – Poland

Extracts included in
Festival of Claymation (1987)



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